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Green Tea For Weight Loss That’s Natural

Updated on March 24, 2013

So many diets make weight loss such an unnatural routine today. No proteins, only proteins, no carbs, only carbs, no water, only water. For what, when you can go the natural route, just eat a little less of everything and go back to the traditional ways of burning those calories? With green tea, the secret is over 4000 years old. For the Chinese, it was a cure-all ingredient and it was probably because they drank it all the time that they stayed so slim and fit. Green tea benefits, thought to be just traditional twaddle, are now being proved conclusively by medical research and with each study there are more and more green tea health benefits that are emerging.

How does green for weight loss work? A study that was done a few years ago concluded that green tea extract increases the fat oxidization and the rate of metabolism in our body. Now this action goes way beyond the usual action that caffeine has in this area. Even when they tested it with an equal amount of caffeine, they found that green tea had a lot more effect on the oxidization of fat and the metabolism than regular caffeine. Green tea extract has shown that it contains catechin polyphenols which are compounds that promote thermogenesis which is the burning of fat. The great thing about the action of green tea is that it helps the metabolism increase as well as the burning of fat without the over stimulation of the adrenal glands. This is of particular advantage for thyroid patients who need to lose weight but who are always a bit wary of taking weight loss substances in case of interactions and side effects.

Green tea health benefits include the fact that green tea has been tested safe unlike some other natural remedies which could have side effects and could cause complications, not to mention pharmaceutical drugs that can cause complications as well. For centuries, green tea has been something that the East has known about and used in their daily lives as a beverage that was health giving. Green tea properties are only just coming to light thanks to extensive research being done on it. Today, it is being touted as having properties that reduce the risk of heart ailments, strokes and even cancer. Green tea for weight loss is a simple and safe way to shed those pounds and enjoy the beverage that allows you to do so.


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