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Get In Shape Fast!You Can Do It!!!

Updated on January 18, 2016

GreenTea and effects on your Metabolism!!

There is nothing that boost your metabolism faster than a good shot of green tea. Whether you chose to drink the tea or take the green tea herb capsules you find in a nutrition store. It is very beneficial!! Take a ride through the internet, look up the benefits of GREEN TEA, you will be very impressed.It's always the main ingredient in diet aids.It is absolutely a must have to assist your weight loss goals and remember exercise and changing things in your diet are very important!

Circuit Training

Circuit Training Is the best, and coming from someone with a degree in health and exercise science and personal training this is where I have seen the most results. It's the variety , weight-bearing exercises and aerobics ,shuffling between the two. Step it up everyday, change it around, don't let your body get used to the same old boringroutine!!It's fun too! And you'll see results!! Trust Me!!

PUMP IT UP!!!Build Muscle!!

You should work out a couple days out of the week strength training ! Lift weights, they don't have to be huge for you to get results..I know there are some women who are afraid they will get bulky looking,Trust me,you would have to take certain supplements that professional weight lifters use or people who just want to build muscle,So do not be afraid to strength train a few times and and you will see results faster!Hey !! Muscle burns fat even when your doing nothing!!SO!! PUMP IT UP!!

Mix It Up!!

MIX IT UP!! Surprise your body everyday with something different and new. See how fast you see results. STEP IT UP!!! Go out dancing once a week!! Take an aerobics class, belly-dancing class, get a walking group together with some friends. Motivation!! Friends can motivate each other to succeed. Walk through a Nature center once a week with a best friend or with your kids, how fun!! All this is variety, your body will love it and you will see results!!

Energy and Your Diet

You need to to make sure your getting plenty of the right nutrition while on an fitness regimen. Your body has been used to some very bad habits to get where it is now so it will take time and baby-steps to get you to the Healthier You again!! EAT!! You have to eat! You do not lose weight by starving yourself. Your body just hangs onto it! YOGURT! Learn to love it, and soy milk, also awesome ,especially for womens health and bones!! Protein Shakes, fruit,lots of of good healthy yummy things out there to eat! TO YOUR HEALTH!!!

Protein Shakes Are Healthy & Fun

Buy yourself a great blender, so you can conjure up some  protein shakes during your fitness adventure. I suggest picking up some protein powder to start, preferably with whey, then you can add whatever yummy items you want to , jazz it up everyday with something new!! Bananas,any kind of fruit is yummy.Yogurt or yogurt icecream, lots of yummy foods, use your immagination. They will supply plenty of energy for you during your day and your workouts. Great way to start the morning! GIVE IT A TRY!!!

Let's Share!

Everyone has their stories on how they tried and failed at the dieting game..SHARE YOUR STORIES!  IT WILL HELP MOTIVATE YOU!!!

Green Teas' Health Benefits

Green tea has many wonderful added bonuses added to its already good quality of boosting our metabolisms. It is also heart-healthy. and a great anti-oxidant amd has been found to help with sleep apnes..It boosts your mental alertness which you really need at a time like this! Green Tea also boosts your immune system so you stay healthy while losing weight and exercising. One very big benefit of Green Tea its anti-cancer properties. Awesome!! SO GIVE IT A TRY! WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE? EXCEPT SOME WEIGHT!!!

Results!! ALREADY!!

  1. Yes, It takes time time to see results, in answer to a question I recently recieved. It took you time to get where you are, so be patient, it will be worth it!! BABY STEPS!! Pace yourself, overloading will put too much pressure on yourself and you'll be more likely to give up. It took me almost a year to lose 100 lbs. , gradual loss, very healthy process.You have my e-mail . If you need help with your exercise plan, or a pep talk write me. TOGETHER WE'LL SUCCEED!!!

Exercise Buddies

If you have any questions check with yourr physician first before starting any fitness plan!Or write a comment here. I have an Associate degree in health and exercise science.

Let's Review!!

First, I hope you started out by buying yourself a bottle of green tea or green tea to drink was just as good . Then I advised  you to invest in some 2 to 5 lb weights for your circuit training, also exercise bands would do. Then of course, we have your nutrition, which I advised you to start eating yogurt, drinking soy milk, making protein shakes and so on to help you with your nutritional needs during this crucial change your body is going through. Next, be patient! You'll get there!! Good Luck!!

Let's Hear Results Stories!!

I'd like to hear some comments on your journey through your weight loss and using green tea and how it has worked for you. Share with us!!





 Today, Check out the Internet and look up green tea! COMMENT BACK!

New Green Tea Benefit

Green Tea studies have been found to support the affects of sleep apnea by increasing oxygen to the brain,also it helps with depression and your over all well-being. Great aspects for weight loss. You can't be tired if your going to start a weight loss program!

Recent Finds

Good things to add to your diet to improve your health along with the benefits of your green tea. Grapes, berries, small amounts of redwine and dark chocolate(within limits) also have powerful antioxidants.One concern I have is check with your physician if you have liver problems before you embark on a green tea regimen. That's why we always say check with you physician first!I love all the different teas, Green tea, White tea, dark tea thay all have health benefits but green tea supports your weight loss goals the most. Try to drink al least 2 to 3 cups a day for optimum support for your goal. To summarize, ultimtely,green tea is amazing, it has been also found to help with cholesterol, strokes and heart attacks and so much more, the list keeps growing. Good luck with your journey and Stay Healthy!!

Japanese Studies Reveal:

Did you know Japanese studies have revealed that drinking green tea can increase your metabolism  for up to  4 to 5 hours after you drink it. That is amazing and all the more  reason to hop on board the band wagon with the rest of us and reap the rewards.  So for all you skeptics out there ,stop dawdling, go shopping, BUY SOME GREEN TEA!!!!


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