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Green Urine - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Medication

Updated on September 22, 2013

What is Green urine?

Discolored urine is a shock to all of us, I assume. Well, unless you have been experiencing such malady quite some time now. Are you the kind of person who looks at their urine after urinating? Clearly, I am. Yes, by checking the urine’s color I can assess my hydration levels. How do you anyway? A clear, amber or straw-colored urine indicates that you are properly hydrated. The darker the urine color is, the more dehydrated you are. But what if your urine is in the shade of green? It implies something and that is to be discussed below the causes.

There are tests in order to diagnose the root of this condition. There are blood tests, essential in finding out for infection. A urinalysis is a common examination, ruling out other factors. Sonographic tests on the kidney, liver and bladder can identify the source of urine discoloration. But also take note, with just a simple dietary assessment; you can easily identify what the real origin of this manifestation really is.


This is a temporary condition that would suggest a urinary tract infection. There are so many possible causes of such circumstance. Along with the green urine, a cloudy and darkened pee is observed. This phenomenon is rare and can be caused by what you eat and how it is digested.

Accompanying symptoms are the following; pelvic pain, cloudy urine, pain during urination, urinary retention, foul-smelling urine and urinary incontinence. The preceding symptoms suggest urinary infection. But once the symptoms shift to these life-endangering manifestations, to seek medical attention immediately is a must. A persistent high-grade fever, vomiting, severe abdominal pain and jaundice can be present a bigger problem.


The primary causes of green urine can be classified according to the following:

Food source

Use of artificial food coloring can turn your urine in an unusual color. Foods that are usually green colored are digested and are excreted through the kidneys not leaving out its color. But some changes would occur, like there is only a tinge of green in the urine. Asparagus is a known crop that could also alter the odor of your urine, but studies show that its color can be excreted out as is. Drinking Guinness beer, as reported, has caused change in the color of one’s urine. Since there is a drop of food coloring added to it when you are celebrating particularly St. Patrick’s Day. The natural effects are that you get same discoloration to your urine. This does not usually occur unless you drink a great amount of the green beer.


A specific medication which is called Rinsapi, has an obscure side effect. Your urine color would be color green or even color blue after taking this medication. This can sometimes be alarming to those uninformed. But this is not harmful but a side effect of the dye that the drug contains and due to the chemical breakdown of the drug. Cimetidine has also been found to cause green urine. This is because it is a green-coated tablet. Indomethacin and Phenergan found to cause green urine. Taking metoclopramide has reported cases of urine change. The modified color is yellow-green to the urine. But this onset usually occurs after days of taking the said drug.


Illnesses sometimes can manifest in strange ways. The change in color in the urine can be a sign of an impending condition. Diarrhea can make your urine have a greenish discoloration. Bile in the content may be the cause of it. But it’s not all cases of diarrhea that you can attain green urine. Urinary tract infections affect urine color, green urine is included. Hypercalcemia, a condition where calcium levels of the blood is greater than normal, also causes change in the urine color. Somehow it changes the urine color to blue, but a tinge of green has also been reported to those who have the condition.

All of these causes can result to potential problems that may need medical intervention at best. It may complicate to kidney damage and sepsis. Prompt and effective treatment should be followed so not to add more risks to the patient.


Specific treatment for green urine has not been developed. The change in the urine color does not insist itself as a condition to be treated right away. Maybe a little change in the diet can make the urine discoloration go away. Check food labels that may indicate dyes addition. Limit asparagus ingestion if this is the root of your green urine. A good advice is that you combine the asparagus along with other foods so that there would be proper and equal food digestion. Drinking beverages that contain high amounts of food coloring should be minimized or avoided. It is good to have fun at times, especially during St. Patrick’s Day, just make sure you are ready of the consequences. Whether it’s food or not, try to stay away from the causing factors of green urine.

Consume a lot of water in a day. Do not make yourself too dehydrated, because dehydration itself can discolor your urine. It’s good that you take 8 glasses of water each day and better if more than. When you are taking drugs that have an adverse effect of urine color change, one should be responsible enough to know that. Do not panic, check your drug composition or consult the pharmacy upon buying the drug.

If the green urine persists, better consult your doctor so not to aggravate conditions that are linked to it.


Since there is no direct drug to act on the urine discoloration, we need to treat the underlying cause. We have known that urinary tract infections can cause green urine, so prompt action to the condition is follow the strict regimen the doctor has ordered. Take the prescribed drugs as to not worsen things. When you suffer from diarrhea, have your tool tested to see the causative agent. Proper diagnosis is a great start in treating your condition.


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