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Green vs. White

Updated on January 29, 2009
The first Clothing
The first Clothing
Bikini Girls wear Green
Bikini Girls wear Green
JLo wears green
JLo wears green

Green White Get Going!


The age old question, which is a better colour. Green or white?

The two colours both signed the historic Green White non-agression pact sometime following the Boer war, but relations between them have been, to this day, mildly strained. There’s a real sense of one-upmanship in the green white community. Neither feels they are truly respected by the larger global community and they see slighting the other as the only way to improve their standing.


Fun Facts about Green!

Green was the colour of the first clothing. Adam and Eve wore it.

The colour green smells like old leather and fern gulley.

The army uses it. The colour green was used extensively by US special forces troops in their black and green tiger stripe uniforms during the Vietnam

Jenifer Lopez wears green.

Redheads look good wearing green

Without the colour green, plants couldn’t photosynthesize and we would all die

Traffic lanterns use the colour green. In the old days, when red was chosen as the most alarming colour to mean stop, green being the light spectrum opposite of red, came to mean go.

Things that are green: American money. Chlorophyll. Emeralds. Frogs. Peace. St. Patrick’s Day Beer. Apples. The Jungle. The Green Lantern. Marijuana. Lettuce. Absinthe. Goblins. Tea. Pea Soup. Martians. Broccoli. Toxic Waste


Green white collaboration facts:

Mouldy broccoli. Martian Weddings. Toxic Sushi Rice.

New breed of cat called Danish Green is a green white mix

The flags of Pakistan and Nigeria


Fun facts about white!

White is the traditional colour of wedding dresses and supernatural entities. Jesus wore white.

The colour white smells like candle wax and beef jerky

In western cultures, the colour white is associated with purity in life. In eastern cultures, death.

In the gay subculture bandana code, a white bandana means one is into mutual masturbation.

Things that are white: Wedding dress. Ghosts. Oppression. Vanilla Icecream. Snow. Clouds. Sushi rice. Vodka. Icing sugar. Semen. Mould. Diamonds. Baby Bottoms. Salt. Beer Foam. Skeletons. Marble Statues. Platinum. Surrender. Light. Angels. Baseballs. LSD. The President’s house. Paper


Today, Green is known as a pioneer in advanced technology while white has somewhat fallen in vogue, being overlooked for more vibrant, diverse, colours. But don’t expect white to stay down for very long. There are rumours coming from white suggesting great things in the works. Think rocket fuel.

There exists a tentative détente between them, but one worries what the other colour should do if it were to be hopeless overmatched by the other...


How to say white in other languages


Japanese – Shiro

French – blanc

Italian - Bianco

Spanish - Blanco

Esperanto - Branco

Creole – Blan

Dutch - Wit

Swedish - Vit

German – weiss

Latin - albus

Romanian - Alb

Breton – Gwen

Icelandic – Hvitur

Irish – ban

Polish – Bialy

Russian – Bialy

Croatian – Bijel

Finnish – Valkoinen

Cantonese – baak

Mandarin – Bai

Tagalog – Puti

Zulu – Mhlophe

Hititte – Harkis

Arabic - Abjad


How to say green in other languages.


Japanese - midori

Mandarin - lu

antonese- luk

Tagalog – Lunti

Vietnamese – Luc

Croation - Zelen

Czech – zeleny

Polish – Zielony

Rusian - Zielony

German – Grun

Norwegian – Gronn

Swedish – Gron

Icelandic – Graenn

Danish – Gron

Dutch – Groen

Filipino – Berde

Finnish – Vihrea

French – Vert

Italian – Verde

Spanish – Verde

Creole – vé

Latin - Viridis

Esperanto – Verde

Celtic – glas uaine

Welsh – Gwyrdd

Breton – Gwer

Lithuanian – Zalias

Hititte – hahlawanz

Hindi – Hara

Swahili – kijani

Zulu - Luhlaza

It's not easy being green (or white!)

In Conclusion

The winner?



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    • wmseo profile image

      wmseo 6 years ago from Canada

      To get the best taste and color you must know how to preper your cup of tea in right way!

    • FreezepopMorality profile image

      FreezepopMorality 9 years ago

      Green beer always tastes bad, too. This was just a little satire of mine, I wasn't even sure if hubpages would allow it. Thanks for reading!

      But those green cats, interesting fact, didn't come about by genetic engineering. They were just a random mutated strain of alley cats that someone discovered a few years ago, nurtured and began to breed. Nature is strange.

    • poetryman69 profile image

      poetryman69 9 years ago from Orlando

      poor cats. I don't think they wanted to be green. isn't there some product called simple green or simply green? It is interesting that green is for sale. Well that explains congress.

    • Teresa McGurk profile image

      Sheila 9 years ago from The Other Bangor

      Strangely funny. Weirdly strange. Just my kind of humor.

      But green beer is just wrong.