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Grenade Thermo Detonator | Fat Burner Pills Review (Live Update)

Updated on September 19, 2012

I received a box of these today, having ordered after reading positive reviews online. They are marketed as both hunger suppressants and energy boosters.

Firstly, the only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume. Simple as that. The easiest way to keep it off is with plain, boring habit of exercise and balanced eating. This is marketed as a supplement and it's just that - not a substitute to a healthy lifestyle! Having said that, some personal context may be helpful here..

I comfort eat a lot because of an extremely stressful lifestyle and ongoing personal / family crises so personally these pills are intended to counter poor appetite control and boost motivation. I exercise on average twice a week for an hour but workouts are very, very tough to make up for poor consistency.

Losing weight the old fashioned way simply wasn't working. Not unless my high-stress lifestyle and personal issues disappear overnight. Since that seems to not be happening and because of impatience, a boost was sorely needed so I could feel better about myself and, honestly, pick up more girls :)

First Impressions

The packaging is quite ridiculous and obviously targeted at the young, male demographic (which includes myself). Personally I like the corniness of it and each capsule has 'grenade' imprinted on the side which is quite cute.

There are two lid - the first is a real hassle to pry off and will be ditched when I take these to the gym. The box officially contains 100 'grenades' although multiple sources confirm there are actually 101, if you are interested in that very small added value for money :) The instructions recommend 2 caps / day for the 1st week and up to 4 every week thereafter.

I will be adding to this hub throughout my 1st month as a motivational tool, starting today, so please follow me for live updates!

First update coming later today..

Day 1 - February 1st 2012

HEIGHT - 5'11.5'' On a good day 6'0'' :)

WEIGHT - 220 lb / 99kg

I've weighed + looked the same for a year, despite efforts w/o any supplements. Please see 1st capsule for context and situation.

WAIST - 43 inches


I popped a couple of these this morning. Normally I would be comfort eating right now but I haven't had any cravings for 4 hours. Sweet!

Evening Update

I'm about to retire for the night. The caps work astonishingly well as hunger suppressants. I am eating less than 1/4 of the binge-ing just 24 hours ago. Eating is actually a bit of a chore now - simply something to keep energy up. Really quite astonishing, especially in my case. It seems too strong to just be a placebo effect.As a workout booster, there was no noticeable change in 45 mins of cardio except higher-than-normal heartrate.

The caps are POTENT. Because of impatience and because I thought the effects would be weak to mild, I was going to take 4 instead of the recommended 2. I popped two in the morning, had a coffee, had a green tea then had a splitting headache for the day. Don't be overzealous. Do follow the instructions. They're very strong. Beware!

We'll see if the positive effects last..

Women's Use

Although marketed for men, there is nothing explicit to say these can't be used by women as well. Since they are so strong for me, I suspect females could even take half dosage for the desired effect.

Three days in now

Some interesting effects -

- Urine is more concentrated

- Bags are more pronounced under eyes

- Arms feel stiffer

- Headaches throughout the day. Manageable

- Recovery in and out of workouts is better

- Workouts in general are slightly better - possibly placebo

- Sexual performance is still good!

Maybe better.

Also, I wouldn't recommend drinking any tea, coffee or caffeine based products while on this stuff.

DAY 8 - Weigh Day

Stats today -

WEIGHT - 97.4 kg / 214 lb

LOSSES - 1.6kg / 3.5 lb

WAIST - 43 ''

LOSSES - 0''

A little disappointed with the waistline, even though I look leaner overall. I am going to be really disciplined for the next week.

So far, so good. The grenades really help me suppress hunger to achieve the all-important calorie deficit. Now stepping up to the recommended 4 capsules / day as tolerance has increased.

Averaged 1900 calories / day and exercised 4 hours / week

Day 15 / WEEK 2 - Weigh Day

Stats today -

WEIGHT - 95.9 kg / 211 lb

LOSSES - 1.5kg / 3lb

WAIST - 43 ''

LOSSES - 0''

As you can see, lost some weight but no shrinking of the waist. I wasn't as disciplined as I would've liked concerning diet. The grenades are still helpful but tolerance has increased significantly.

September 19th Update

Hello, I apologise for finishing rather abruptly last time as no further effects were felt from taking these after 2 weeks. Since February I've tried taking these little grenades for another 2 week duration and am damn pleased to have lost 3lb! And half an inch!

Of course, any significant effects wore off after 2 weeks. This is what happened to me personally - I hope your body can continue 'feeling' these pills for a solid month at a time. Based on my own experiences I would especially recommend these to competitive bodybuilders looking for a boost in their final weeks of cutting or for us everyday folk merely as a tool to flatten and rip tummies just before a beach holiday or even your wedding.

There's an overwhelming amount of useless overhyped products out there - and I'm (pleasantly) surprised to have found one which works which I know what to expect from. Thanks for reading.




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    • profile image

      Scott 4 years ago

      Do they make u need a number 2 a lot I'm gonna take some before work but don't want to be running back and forth to the toilet

    • profile image

      Gav 5 years ago

      hi bud thanks for the honest reasoning behind your decision for taking these, very much similar to my own, don't know if you are still getting some of the side effects, but i found that drinking a shit load of water every day really helps specially with the concentrated urine and headaches