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Grey And Bald David Cameron.

Updated on February 7, 2016
Cartoon Lampooning Camereon Who Seems A Bit Balder And Greyer These Days.
Cartoon Lampooning Camereon Who Seems A Bit Balder And Greyer These Days. | Source
Greyer And Older Looking Obama.
Greyer And Older Looking Obama. | Source
Greyer And Balder Blair.
Greyer And Balder Blair. | Source
Greyer Brown.
Greyer Brown. | Source
Rooney Lost His Power When He Went Bald.
Rooney Lost His Power When He Went Bald. | Source
Sampson Lost His Power When He Had His Hair Cut.
Sampson Lost His Power When He Had His Hair Cut. | Source
Greyness Never Stopped George Clooney.
Greyness Never Stopped George Clooney. | Source
Baldness Never Stopped Jack Nicholson.
Baldness Never Stopped Jack Nicholson. | Source
Baldness In Men.
Baldness In Men. | Source
Cameron Revealing Baldness From The Back As well As Dabs Of Grey.
Cameron Revealing Baldness From The Back As well As Dabs Of Grey. | Source

Oh To Have A Full Head Of Hair With No Grey Bits.

The nightmare of many men is going bald and getting grey hair hence thats why there are so many products and treatments out there supposedly to help get back their vigour to restore a full head of hair and eliminate the greyness.

I must admit as a man going bald and grey terrifies the life out of me and if many men were honest its the same for them. Look at footballer Wayne Rooney some time ago when his hair was thinning and it obviously affected his playing both for Manchester United and England as he seemed to be losing his power like Samson in the Bible when his hair was cut off.

But like Samson whose power was restored when his hair grew back when he pushed down the temple on the Philistines Rooney seemed to find his scoring mojo again when a hair transplant he had supposedly taken from parts of his body took root and grew a thick covering of hair over his scalp surprising what a bit of confidence can do for you.

So likewise when a fresh faced David Cameron became 10 Downing Street's next occupant Cameron stated at the time his one fear was going grey and many pundits back then noticed that Cameron was developing a bald patch on his crown.

As the years have gone on however nature has not been kind to Mr Cameron's hair as that bald patch no matter which way he combs his hair to cover it or maybe his hairdresser does is getting wider and wider. In Europe the other day while Cameron was chasing the 27 other EU leaders about a re - negotiated deal for the UK in Europe it was plain to see his bald spot on display for all the world to see. Nigel Farage leader of UKIP has also confirmed that David Cameron dyes his hair as on some photos he has grey hair at the side and the next pic you see of Cameron its gone.

Infact in 2014 David Cameron made light of his bald patch adding that one of the priorities for that year was making sure the bald patch was covered and it seemed in that year his hairdresser received an MBE from the Queen possibly for services rendered one wonders?

However Cameron need not worry about being bald or grey or even looking older as stress no doubt plays a big part in the job of being Premier. Look at how Blair and Brown have aged since doing doing that job and losing some of their hair and going grey and no doubt they too reached for 'Just For Men' or some other hair dye.

Cameron's buddy across the pond Obama has gone greyer since being President and looking older and maybe happy to hang up the reins of power and leave it to Trump or Clinton when his time in office comes to an end.

Some men don't mind going bald or grey and time was when many men went bald they attempted a comb over where as mostly now they just shave it off. Also there are plenty of dyes out there so men like women do not have to be grey if they do not wish to be where as grey is not an issue for some men look at George Clooney glad to be grey or Jack Nicholson gradually going bald over his career.

Baldness and greyness for men like Clooney and Nicholson will never be an issue where as for some men it is. I guess at the end of the day its how you handle going bald, grey or even ageing and whether it becomes a problem or you choose to accept it.


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