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Updated on February 21, 2018
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Megan has been married for 26 years and has adopted two amazing sons. She has built a successful direct sales business for 20 years.

What is GRIT?

A few years ago, my friend was selling her house. The strain of constant open houses and showings was taking its toll. One day, she came home from work to find the house in disarray. Despite the presence of her husband and teenagers, clothing, shoes and belongings were strewn everywhere. "Jerry, why didn't you pick up? You were at home all day!"', Sue pleaded. Jerry replied, 'Babe, I'm 6 feet under right now!". Sue replied, "Then go 8 feet!". He needed to dig deeper, to push past the fatigue and exhaustion and give that extra final effort to reach the goal. Giving more even when you feel you have nothing left. It's finding the reserves to push to the end when you are on fumes..its the and then some.


G is for GUTS

You've got to have it! It's a game changer, the critical quality that separates finishers from participants. You see it in the those climbing a mountain. Most would turn around at the thought of the climb..overwhelmed at the task. Champions reach within themselves to find the power they need to make it happen. They use guts to push through to reach the peak. It pulls them through the pain of a ruptured tendon, a sprained knee or obstacles and emotional setbacks that will inevitably come their way. These distractions are expected and sheer grit and determination gets them through. Guts are also what helps us tackle fear, conquer doubt and shut down goals. Their resolute determination to complete the task, regardless of what comes into their path, is part of what makes them exceptional. This singular focus is a critical component of their success blueprint and when paired with determination and drive, they are unstoppable.


R is for resiliency

In my experience, GRIT is often been obtained through how I responded to the resiliency! How I handled the perceived failure-goals not made- that actually serve as the launching pad to your next success. Being gritty means not reliving that experience, fearing the same result at the next race. Instead, the champion is using muscle memory to run faster. Avoid pitfalls, and shave time off their performance. They dig deeper, running full out across the finish line. They do not adjust her performance based on her estimation of the chance of victory. Excellence is just a habit and every race sets her up for success in the next one. Honestly, it is the experiences I didn't want that gave me the lessons I truly needed. Without them, I would not be the leader I am today.

I is for Influence

Finally, I believe GRIT is developed by who you are, becoming a person of influence. When we positively influence others, we pass on the gift we were shown.

You will surround yourself with like-minded people as clients and colleagues. Challenging yourself becomes the path to discovering a new level of grit, pushing beyond the limits of what you thought you could do. The next step is to share that new found wisdom with those you lead. By sharing your experiences from a humble and honest place, your team will see themselves in you! when they connect on that personal level, relationships deepen and a true mentoring bond can form.


T is for teach

Gritty people share their wisdom with others. Whether as a coach or mentor, their personal experiences are shared from the heart. They are people builders, using their life experiences to aid someone else along the way. at the same time, they do so by asking questions, allowing others to find the answers themselves. This empowers them, builds confidence and creates strong leaders.

Other leaders share their knowledge through becoming authors, bloggers, and speakers. Whatever path you take to teach, sharing your experiences is a valuable way to educate others.

Put it all together

In the end, GRIT is about taking the hit, but not letting it stop you. Drilling down, pushing harder, praying longer and having faith. If you master those steps, GRIT, that hard won quality of every truly successful person..will be yours and no obstacle can withstand the path you carve. Choose to develop the GRIT within you!

How much GRIT do you possess?

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© 2017 Megan Swope


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