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Flax Seed Lowers Cholesterol: Amaze Your Doctor!

Updated on May 6, 2016
Golden flax seed's benefits include the ability to help lower cholesterol.
Golden flax seed's benefits include the ability to help lower cholesterol. | Source

Use Ground Flax Seed and Lower Cholesterol Numbers!

Flax seed was not going to be the topic of another hub from my computer quite this soon. Touching on the benefits of fresh ground flax seed and helping others know how to incorporate it into their diet was a good move.

Then, adding a "how to" for making whole flax seed hot/cold packs seemed to be more than enough to cover the subject. Surely my little collection of flax hubs would adequately cover the topic.

Not much bigger than a mustard seed, flax did not seem to have a lot more to say for itself. I had little faith that using flax seed would be a topic highlighted by my computer again.

Knowing that it had an interesting and important history, that it had been quite useful back in the day, that many people were currently using its oil, all told me that plenty had been written about it, but oh me, oh my oh, how I underestimated this little seed's benefits!

Lowering Your Cholesterol may be Easier than You have been Led to Believe

When I began my first flax seed article I was also beginning an experiment that resulted in an interesting turn of events because a surprising test result showed a big jump in my overall cholesterol count.

I knew that the week previous to the test had been filled with stresses and that I had not been drinking my ground flax seed in grape juice as usual or exercising right so I sort of expected a higher than normal-for-me reading, which was already borderline.

Having formulated a plan to counter the push for prescriptions, I thought I was mentally prepared for the conversation in which I would politely but firmly decline the Lipitor-type drugs.

Flax Seed Fights Cholesterol

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Ground Golden Flax Seed Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels Thoroughly Grind Golden Flax Seed And Mix It In A Cup of Grape JuiceGround Golden Flax Seed Can Be Sprinkled On SaladsFresh Ground Golden Flax Seed Can Be Mixed Into Yoghurt
Ground Golden Flax Seed Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels
Ground Golden Flax Seed Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels | Source
Thoroughly Grind Golden Flax Seed And Mix It In A Cup of Grape Juice
Thoroughly Grind Golden Flax Seed And Mix It In A Cup of Grape Juice | Source
Ground Golden Flax Seed Can Be Sprinkled On Salads
Ground Golden Flax Seed Can Be Sprinkled On Salads | Source
Fresh Ground Golden Flax Seed Can Be Mixed Into Yoghurt
Fresh Ground Golden Flax Seed Can Be Mixed Into Yoghurt | Source

However, a reading of 311 gave me some serious pause for thought as I sat in the doctor’s office--maybe I needed to rethink everything.

In the doc's infinite wisdom, though, made a mistake by throwing down the gauntlet. “Well, okay,” he said. “I’ll ‘let’ (as if he was in control) you try diet and exercise, but you should know that most people don’t succeed in dropping their cholesterol levels that way.” Hmmm...

He offered no encouragement or advice on how to work on my diet and exercise, only the Lipitor medicine, but my plan had been settled before he finished his sentence. I knew I could double my flax intake, be faithful to my exercise routine, and get the rest I needed.

Most importantly, I could be especially careful about praying, looking to the Lord according to the whole counsel of the Scriptures regarding the stresses, trusting in His way and timing to help with them.

Grind Flax Seed Fresh to Lower Cholesterol

In the middle of working on my experiment of diet and exercise that the doc ‘permitted’ me to begin, I read a hub from Peggy W on the benefit of using ginger to help reduce cholesterol. A little trial and error to get my perfect recipe for a cup of ginger tea and I was able to add a couple of cups per day to my diet.

Not carrying so much of the stress myself, but more faithfully giving it to my Lord, greatly relieved me so I had the energy to increase my exercising. My plan made me feel better no matter what the next test results might turn out to be.

Six weeks came and went, approximately my time hubbing to that point, and the new test results came back. The cholesterol count was, drum roll please, “unheard of” according to the doc.

“I can’t explain it,” he said. His head was shaking in amazement, his hands were out in the air, palms up. Then his eyes narrowed, “The only time we get readings like this is when people don’t fast for one of their tests.” I assured him that I had fasted properly for both tests.

An Authoritative Word on Flax Seed:

The Benefits pf Ground Flax Seed are Surprising!

There was no, “How did you do it?” Not even, “Good job!” I was very happy about the improvement and didn’t realize, at first, that my doc apparently did not believe that I had fasted correctly. If he had asked I would have told him how I had implemented my plan, but he wasn’t interested.

Cholesterol wasn’t my big concern when I went for the initial check-up anyway. I guess a cholesterol evaluation is done in a routine blood test for good measure. It makes me uneasy, though, to get the feeling that they (whoever that is) aren’t looking for real solutions.

Oh, yes, the cholesterol reading? I stunned myself, actually. Sticking to the plan had worked wonders--almost 100 points! From 311 to 223 was pretty good for an amateur!

I was very thankful, to say the least, and the doc couldn’t deny that I didn’t need Lipitor or that I had lost a few pounds. I do wish he had not insinuated that I lied, though.

Still, being more comfortable in dress clothes is a very nice bonus no matter what he thinks, and to know that he could not deny the benefits of ground flax seed makes me smile.

• Ground flax seed helps lower cholesterol levels, though doctors may disagree on how well it works.

• There are more benefits from fresh ground flax seed, including healthy nutrients and fiber.

My Conclusion on Using Fresh Ground Flax Seed to Help Lower Cholesterol?

Could the positive results be from the ground flax seed alone, mostly from the ginger, or was it the entire plan that I implemented? I don’t know for sure.

Since I feel better and have good test results I’ll be continuing with this plan even if the doc doesn't admit that it's working. I'll just keep up the good work and let him run around his own little gerbil wheel!

Below, under More Good for You Info, the first link is for the hub Things to Consider when Buying Flax Seeds. This is an entertaining and excellent look at what is available including a guide for making the important decision of adding the benefits of flax to your diet. Don't miss that read!

Grind Flax Seed in a Dedicated Coffee Grinder:

Important Note:

• Research any products you want to use and discuss them with your doctor before making a decision to take them.

• Research any major changes of lifestyle and discuss them with your doctor before deciding to make them.

Flax Details and Recipes

Using ground flax seed in baked goods is easy and healthy according to nutritional data.

Begin checking out recipes via the following links:

• Easy Chocolate Orange Cake is Egg Free

Flax Seed Replaces Eggs in Baked Goods

Is Flax Seed Oil an Anti-inflammatory Food?

Do You Have Experience Managing Elevated Cholesterol With Flax Seed?

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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      This is so good...I can't wait to start incorporating all of this into my diet (and my husband's diet) ASAP. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS GOOD INFORMATION. I would always try and use natural remedies first rather than prescriptions which often have so many side effects...not to mention the cost.

      You paid more attention to that link about ginger lowering cholesterol in the hub I did about Ginger plants than I did. So happy that you caught that bit of information and tried it in order to pass the results along to the rest of us.

      Just noticed after commenting that the ginger link is below the comments for those interested...

      Again, THANK YOU!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      Mutual gratitude...'tis the season! :)

    • itakins profile image

      itakins 7 years ago from Irl

      Great information,I have ground flax seed as an 'ornament ' in my cupboard for weeks-shall open it today.Thank you and Peggy W.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      May your ornament be the gift you that it has been to me! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Just thought that I would check back with you... I am regularly now using the ground flax seeds mixed with fruit juice in the mornings and BTW...also works well mixed in with yogurt; applesauce...even put it over sectioned grapefruit and we liked it. The ground ginger, I am using it in tea but also sprinkling a generous amount in coffee since that is always made each morning by my husband. I have grown to appreciate the flavor.

      No cholesterol tests yet to get hard facts...but it just makes sense that this along with more exercise and dropping some pounds will help.

      When will you have another cholesterol test to prove this efficacy of this new regimen? The doc will HAVE to take notice if yours is still down then (one would think!)

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