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Grounding: Connecting the Spiritual to Earth

Updated on February 17, 2016
Sand, Sea and  Sky: Body Meeting Spirit
Sand, Sea and Sky: Body Meeting Spirit | Source

Be careful what you wish for.

I’ve had a taste of that saying in action over two decades ago. After being overly sensitive or empathic, seeing the challenges of people from all walks of life, especially the poor (and after a series of reflections that caused for me to be overly compassionate), I had wished one could be purely spiritual. "Your body is a material aspect of yourself---your me-body, and belongs to the physical realm that follows the laws of nature."

If you get too much energy from the spiritual realm, it may be too much for your body to take. Like a conductor, in the electrical engineering (aka EE) sense, it can burn out and get your me-body and me-spirit cut off from each other (i.e., ‘open circuit’ in EE), a phenomenon called, in layman’s term, a ‘space out.’

It is possible that many among us are experiencing this more and more, as Mother Earth changes dynamically with its need to balance out nature, i.e., the physical aspect, with electro-magnetic forces that are constantly changing in the universe.

The purpose of this hub is to present empirical observations and provide insights as to how these actions may be used to keep the spirit connected to the body, keeping a balance between the spiritual and the me-body need of daily going-about in this world.


As you continue to channel, you will find your ability to connect with and bring through new levels of wisdom increasing. You will experience a continual series of shifts throughout your channeling development. As you become more and more accustomed to *higher realms, learning to travel into them and expanding your vibration to connect with them, as your channel becomes more open, you can bring through more power at a pure energy level.

When people have gone to a new level in their channeling, they sometimes experience nervousness afterwards. This can happen even to experienced channels. When the transition is made to an even higher vibration, it triggers a process of growth that is sometimes like the first opening. The nervousness is usually due to more energy coming in through your body than you are used to.

- “Opening to Channel” (OTC), Sanaya Roman and Duane Parker


Eat, Play, Love … ” has made mention of the various ‘grounding’ (aka ‘connecting to earth’) exercises that one may want to consciously choose from:


A more urgent topic that needs further exploration seems to be regarding grounding exercises for the transitioning spiritual. I remember 15 years ago, somewhere in California, I had attended a conference entitled, “In Praise of the Spiritual”. As if being spiritual was something to be coveted. But wait, there’s more: Eat. Play. Love. In the transition, a very delicate balance needs to be maintained. Grounding exercises become imperative, as per the nun whom I spoke with when starting on my quest. She gave me a concrete (e.g., for Catholics) example of doing a ‘walking rosary’: walking while praying the rosary, observing the movement and the feel of the body as the hips sway with the forward movement of each foot. Left, swaying hips, right. Left, swaying hips, right. Never be constrained by slash on the words. Focus on the feeling, the right words will flow out on their own if you are sincere. Whatever language, so it seems.

There is something similar to the rosary in the Buddhist tradition.


Some grounding exercises you may want to explore, and their benefits (by Gerald Pe Benito Belanderes, MD):

  1. Singing
  • It expands your lungs to their maximum capacity
  • It exercises your diaphragm (breathing muscles)
  • It releases endorphins that energize you
  • It enhances oxygenation and perfusion
  • It aids the acts of excretion and defecation
  • It improves your mood
  • It’s a stress reliever
  • It can correct your posture
  • It promotes self-confidence
  • It makes you alert and more focused

2. Sketching

  • It rotates your wrist, improving mobility
  • It coordinates your eyes and hands
  • It enhances your artistic side
  • It gives you a sense of responsibility to finish what you have started

3. Dancing

  • Gives you a better body shape
  • Weight loss
  • Strengthens your bones and muscles
  • Promotes better blood circulation
  • Leads to a healthier heart and lungs
  • Lowers “bad” cholesterol
  • Controls blood sugar

For sure, there are other MORE FUN grounding exercises to choose from.


No-choice but delightful grounding ‘conductors’ are as follows:

SHENPA. For most of use, including myself, on the mystical journey in search of spiritual, the word shenpa per se and what it stands for, can be a challenge.

Shenpa’, a word with what seems like Buddhist origins, is the urge we get whenever our body experiences an affect in response to an internal or external stimulus. Example for ‘internal’: when we recall our daughter’s university graduation with the memory of her childhood days in the backdrop. The internal stimulus can be felt by our me-body and excrete what we call ‘tears of joy’ for an external manifestation of the internal phenomenon, which we call a ‘recall’.

‘External’, for example: we hear bad news on TV and jump to conclusions that the world has gone crazy. There is a stimulus-response (i.e. S/R) sequence that is barely noticeable, except by you the observer. Why jump to negative conclusions when there are many, many blessings to count even if one lives on meager means. As you can see, we can be innocent victims of mass media, bombarding us with sensationalized negative news most of the time 24 hours a day, around the world. Brainwashing. And pernicious.

Everything, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

There are many websites providing further information on how to deal with shenpa. Some have tried Anthony De Mello’s suggestion of using the objective observer point of view to observe oneself as one goes about through one’s daily life.

EGO as a FRIEND. I have, for many years, asked after reading “The Power of Now” when I will ever be able to be free of the ego’s control over me, as if the ego-self was something I needed to get rid of. It is only recently with insights from camp “Eat. Play. Love. …” (, that I had realized:

One’s ego can be a trustworthy guide. It has innate instincts(?) that can tell you that you are feeling something or that your boundary is being crossed. Because of the shenpa we feel, with ego rising, we can choose to interact with the moment with an objective observer’s point of view. How is the other person behaving? How is my ego responding? Will I go with my ego? Or choose to act on the golden insight from being with the NOW?

The necessary ‘evil.’ Once again, it has been said that there is nothing ‘good’ or ‘bad’ per se. Even the ‘evil’ in our midst may be in the master plan of sanctifying the ‘good’.

OC-ness as a GROUNDING CONDUCTOR. Several friends have actually admitted to being obsessive-compulsives (i.e., OC) and it seems they are among those who tend to excel in their fields of endeavor. The downside is their tendency to be perfectionist, with them most things not being good enough. There’s always something better. The good news is that if you are an OC and you are aware of it, you can examine what drives your perfectionism and get to the root of the issue.

Since the OC is very particular with details, e.g., a spic-and-span housewife, the OC wife or ‘house-band’ for that matter can use her/his attention to detail to get down to earth, pay attention to the details in one’s immediate reality instead of being overly immersed with busy thoughts. Housekeeping then become an enjoyable, artful expression of mindfulness instead of the judgmental ‘boring’ word we normally assign to it.


Actually experiences of spirituality vary from individual to indivual. There are some who become more sensitive via auditory, visual or sentient perception.

For example, as a sentient, you may ‘feel’ certain people as having ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ vibes. For the visual, one may see colors or auras representing the different bodies of an individual, e.g., physical, astral or etheric. To be honest, I’m not familiar discerning among these bodies, but among us, there would be a rare few who may or may not have written about understanding the phenomenon.

Since these can come as strange perceptions in contrast to our regular perceptions, you may feel you are approaching close to loss of sanity, like the co-author of the book OTC, did. It would be imperative to religiously exercise grounding activities, to have a better understanding of one’s personal experience, one that majority of science or medical practitioners may not be able to explain.

In terms of coping with the visual perception, one may try using tinted shades; auditory, playing music.

As varied as individuals that we are, we should determine what works best for us and HONOR what the others amongst are us experiencing. A spiritual person, unaware of one’s being spiritual, can get ‘freaked’ out by a negative individual. Being around plants, pets and children may be helpful. With preparations rooted on logical contingencies, visit the sea or the mountain.

Exercise of love and compassion towards self and others is a matter of choice. To position oneself in a world of confusion, it is best to always choose love and compassion.

To make the choice a matter of instinct, exercise the choice daily for at least 21 days, as per Stephen Covey.

Check the waters after the 21 days to determine if you have developed love and compassion on the instinct level. One sign that you have indeed is being able to see both sides of two warring parties, using empathic thinking.


The same nun who had taught me about the walking rosary taught me to share insights with others only after ‘checking the waters’. Since, at this point, your insights would have arrived from ‘higher’ realms, most likely, majority of the people you meet on the earth plane cannot connect with your ‘practical’ vision.

Test the water by first providing a tidbit. If the audience responds positively or sometimes enthusiastically even, provide the next tidbit. Do not overload their circuit. Their physical body not understanding a ‘far-fetched’ idea may trigger for their ego-self to vehemently put up its defense mechanism, causing a retaliation that you may not be prepared for physically, intellectually, emotionally, etc.

“Angels now. In Jesus’ name, we pray.” In case of uncalled for ‘attack’, e.g. you sense strong negative vibes, PRAY, whichever way is easiest for you, and understand, there are many, many things in this world that our intellect and five senses cannot grasp (e.g. we fear what we do not understand or causing an affect of fear in our me-body).

Then let go. Trust everything to God.



"Experiencing the world in which you live requires your heart; you cannot grasp it with your intellect and your five senses because they provide you with only part of the picture."

- from "Thoughts from the Heart of the Soul"



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    • Quirinus profile image

      Queirdkus Ω Ibidem 2 years ago from Sitting on the Rug

      Hello great Friend, thanks for the usual affirmation. I derive my inspiration from positive people like you. Thumbs up!

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I enjoyed this a lot. Grounding should be and is a joy. Thank you.