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Group Personal Training

Updated on March 28, 2013

Hiring a personal trainer can sometimes seem like an expensive luxury that is hard to justify. Joining forces with likeminded people and taking up group personal training is a relatively new solution that is easy on the wallet but tough on fat!


The concept behind group personal training is simple. It is well known that under the direction of a professional that we can all get more from a workout, however the cost of one on one tuition with a personal trainer is sometimes prohibitive. As a result, many people spend hours at the gym pounding away endlessly on a treadmill, or pushing harder and harder to lift weights, and they don't seem to get the results they deserve. They put in a great deal of effort but don't get the satisfaction the effort deserves. Without a proper guidance, its easy to give up, declaring that the exercise isn't worth the time, and the pounds pile back on.

The obvious solution is to join up to a group personal training session. The are a number of obvious benefits to joining a group personal training session:

  • Cost - Reduce cost by working out with a personal trainer as a group
  • Confidence - The idea of working out with a personal trainer can be intimidating, doing it as a group gives you safety in numbers
  • Fun - Working together as a group with a personal trainer is more rewarding, nothing beats the feeling of high fiving a team mate after a win, why shouldn't this apply to working out too?!

Where Do I Sign Up?

As group personal training becomes more popular, its getting easier and easier to find a provider in your local area. If you really want to try out the group training experience in style, why not check out TWC Ibiza. They offer group personal training on the beautiful island of Ibiza. What could be more fun than hitting the beach and working out with the Mediterranean sun on your back, the sound of the waves behind you, surrounded by beautiful people?

Check out their website for more information on this one unique experience, combine feeling great with looking great on the holiday of a lifetime.

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Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain
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