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Grow Old Gracefully and Live Life to the Full

Updated on March 9, 2013

You can never get around the fact that you will age with each passing day. It, therefore, makes sense to accept the inevitable and go forward in making the small changes in your lifestyle that will allow you to age gracefully.

Adapting to the Reality That You Are Growing Old

Once the body ages, it will start to show signs that are a pointer to the fact that you need to slow down. Once you accept this reality, you will find it easier to adapt to a lifestyle, that imposes less of strain on the body. The chemical giant, Pfizer, has an initiative called “Get Old”, that can help you to improve the quality of life during old age, by finding ways to grow old.

A person's biological age has more to do with its physical condition, than the actual chronological age. This can largely be determined by the condition of the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems that determine how the body functions. The efficiency of these systems is affected by age. A life style that manages stress, has the proper diet and exercise and adequate rest is one that can help to reduce the effects of age on the bodily functions. Controlling the diet is something that older people find it easier to do, but sleep is sometimes elusive. Exercise and the managing of stress does require more of discipline, and this is what most of the older generation will do well to concentrate on.

The Mental Aspects of Growing Old

When you grow old, the mind also ages, and this has its own part to play in the process. Forgetfulness is one trait that most older people pick up with age. Remembering events becomes a strain, and the learning of new things an almost impossible chore. Tackle this tendency to forget things, by being set in your routines. Keep notes and use other means to help you jog your memory. Help the mind to remain active and thus more useful. Play games that stimulate thinking even if it is that odd game of chess against an old friend. Catch up on your reading, solve puzzles and crosswords, so that your mind is constantly alert.

Avoid stressful situations, control your temper and see that any negative thoughts are immediately banished. Be pleasant and ensure that you get along with others. This is easily done by completely subduing your ego. After all you have reached your present state of life on your own, and do not need anyone to pamper your self belief. Accept the fact that it is not easy for you to move about as before. Your hair will turn gray and probably give you a more distinguished look.

Loneliness is one of the curses of old age, and becomes more so, when you continue to find that your circle of friends, kin and acquaintances grows smaller, as age takes its toll on it. Keeping yourself busy and active is one way to tackle the feeling of being lonely. Above all, accept the fact, that your own body is now more likely to have to face bouts of ill health, and that with each passing day, you are closer to your own impending death. This acceptance is paramount in dealing with old age.

“Age is only a number”. This is a well known adage that needs to be accepted as you grow old. Act young, keeping in mind the limitations that your body will impose on you. Be happy at all times, eat well and keep in touch with friends and others. Se that you get a lot of rest and allow your body to feel the well being that can come from regular exercise.


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