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Discipline, Commitment and Strong Habits

Updated on May 19, 2015

Why People Fail At Getting Healthy

Most people don't share the same ambitious goals at the ones at the top 10%. That is why they are in the bottom 90%.

Guess which fitness tool is the most common purchase in the States? The treadmill.

But the results don't come from buying the treadmill itself, it comes from the effort you put into your training on the particular treadmill.

Discipline, commitment and strong habits on this treadmill is what gets things done. Motivation is useless, it is about your habits and how much time you spend on the treadmill. Everything else is USELESS.


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One of my inspirations talking on the subject:

So whatever you do, however shitty things may seem... Just keep going! The results come from the dedication and effort you put in. There are no shortcuts, only excuses made up by yourself and noone else.


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