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Life Hits You Like A Cannonball

Updated on February 25, 2016

Getting Enough Courage To Take Control

Your life is yours, no one else's. So if you have a goal, whether it be to start working out in the next few days or saving cash so you can go on a trip, write it out. I actually mean that, go get a notebook and write out the things you'd like to start doing and form a plan on ways to reach those goals. Make schedules, maps, graphs anything that will make sense to you and keep organized.

Writing things out may sound like a waste of time, I even thought that before I started. I always thought "Man, I could just be doing these things rather than putting them down on a piece of paper", but you know what? That never really happens does it? No, sadly. So write out your thoughts!

The Amazing Spider-Man Knows What's Up

Getting The Ball Rolling

Do you have an idea that won't leave your head? One that you believe could make a change in your life for the better? That's a sign, believe it or not. A sign that's trying to let you know that this certain thing is something you should experience or at least try out. So what are you waiting for?

You don't need approval to try, just letting you know that right now. It never hurts to try putting forth one of your ideas or desires to do something with yourself.

And yes, I'm going to be referencing The Amazing Spider-Man. I know he's not realistic with his abilities and such, but in the more recent movies he was shown as some guy who went from the bottom, to the top, on his own. Besides, again, having those abilities.

I find that in today's society, people are generally more influenced by things you see on screens or in books more so than ACTUAL people. Characters in TV shows, movies, short stories and novels are becoming more in tune with people's deeper feelings, making it more appealing to watch, listen or read. That is why I am using Mr. Parker as an example, because he is a reflection of people out there today. ( Besides, of course, the abilities haha)

What Do You See?

What does Parker's actions in the above photo represent?

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Start Putting Your Ideas And Plans Into Actions

The definition for personal growth:

"Personal development covers activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations." -Wiki

The only way, and I mean the absolutely ONLY way to move forward, with life is through personal growth. There's no way otherwise, because you need that motivation, you need that spark to put your ideas into action.

Let's be honest here, numerous ideas probably wont work out the way you hoped, but that's the point. Life is about trial and error, and what matter's is that you put your heart, gut and soul into it. That's it.

This hub is all about showing people that their desires and dreams ARE obtainable, through personal growth. By doing so, you've got to get your thoughts out of your head to have those ideas succeed, because letting them sit does nothing but waste time.

Looking up at the definition, it explains what needs to be done to live a happy, fulfilling life. Also, it's incredibly healthy because it expands your horizons and boosts your self esteem once you accomplish an aspiration or dream. This lowers depression, anxiety (can be argued) and other illnesses because you're doing something you love to do! It's only common sense. Do what you love to do= Happiness.

Plus, it becomes a domino effect. Your kids, friends, family, even random people around you would see you not letting things stop you from acquiring things and you become an inspiration. It also shows that doing things your way isn't suppose to be scary or forbidden. Kids even now, I myself included, are so worried about what others will think of what they would like to do and how others would react once they move forward with whatever it is. So at the end of the day not many express these ideas or dreams all because they're not sure if they will be accepted. Social media is the major influence to keeping people back because of how connected the world is and how many opinions fly through each site, discouraging many.

Don't get me wrong, social media is also a great way to put things in motion but we get so engulfed in what's happening in the online world that numerous get trapped in that state, making us not notice what's ACTUALLY going on around us. It's honestly like we're robots and it's holding back our own personal growth that can really only been learned by actually, physically, getting out into the world.

Anyways, being that person who does get a move on motivates so many people around them to do just the same, and who wouldn't want that for themselves?

You've Got To Push Yourself


Life does hit you like a cannonball. Once you get challenged and receive the option to get out of your comfort zone, it's like someone handing you $50 million dollars telling you to go nuts. But you have no clue what to do in that moment. Literally. It surprising, terrifying (is this actually for real or is it a joke?), exciting, and it catches you off guard. You'd probably feel like crying, laughing and maybe even taking a nap to calm down all at once. That's like your life being handed to you, and the way personal growth blooms.

You just have to make the most out of it.

Change How You Do Things To Get The Life You Want

Life Is A Cannonball, But You Can Be Too

Get Moving!


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