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Growth Mindset; Change your Life for Success

Updated on July 9, 2019

Growth Mindset

Its widely believed in psychology circles that everyone has one of two mindsets. While researching how students react to failure Carol s. Dweck found a distinct difference. Some students would be devastated by failure while others bounced back easily. This is why she coined the two mindsets. It has been studied many times and conclusively the people with a growth mindset achieve more in life.

The Two Mindsets

The two mindsets she discovered which made a huge difference in peoples lives are growth mindset and fixed mindset.

A fixed mindset is when a person believes that their abilities and talents are fixed and they cant change them. This leads the believer to subconsciously limit his achievements and goals because he doesn’t believe them possible. People with fixed mindsets tend to give up easier thus not achieving as much as growth mindset people.

A growth mindset is defined as believing you can change and grow in your abilities. That talent comes from practice and hard work. They persevere through failure because failing is perceived as a learning experience. With a growth mindset you are destined to have more motivation and dedication to your goals.

How do We Change our Mindset?

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to rewire itself to adjust to new situations. So we now know that a growth mindset is valid. We have somewhat control over how we shape our brains. Studies have shown that a person can change their mindset and that when they change from fixed to growth they have more motivation and success.

So how do we change our fixed mindset? There are many different beliefs that you may hold that are limiting you. You may have both fixed and growth characteristics and beliefs. Heres a list of seven things to set you on the path toward a growth mindset.

1)From cognitive research we know that our beliefs can be changed and that’s what will change our lives. Every time you have a limiting belief you should write it down and examine it.

2)Every time you have a failure you should write it down and figure out what you’ve learned.

3)ou have to place practice and hard work above talent.

4)Drop all your beliefs of what limits you. You can achieve much more than you think.

5) Use journaling and positive affirmations to motivate yourself.

6) Surround yourself by growth minded people.

7) Try to challenge yourself constantly. Dont just stick to the things you know, go beyond what you have done before.


In conclusion I feel the most important thing is to recognize the difference between the two mindsets and watch your thoughts, actions and emotions. The research is clearly telling us we dont have to be stuck where we are. We can change and grow no matter what age you are


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