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Growth Comes With Focus

Updated on January 2, 2018

I believe growth comes with focus. To grow in a subject, you have to focus on it. To become a doctor, you focus on everything medical for ten years. To become a good person, you need to focus on yourself forever.

That is the thing about the new year, it reminds everyone to focus on growth. Which is so exciting until three weeks from now you slowly watch people become depressed when their actions on growth fade in to a want again.

I try not to focus on my wants but on the small actions I can make to grow in to the best possible me.

Instead of a resolution, I choose a focus word to work on turning in to an action slowly over the year.

2017 was my year of “Yes”

I tried to be more aware of when I said no because most of the times I said no came from fear. I am queen of “What if’s” and it stunted me. It made me scared and regretful.

I worked hard to enter to 2017 with the reminder to think before I spoke an answer.

And it was powerful.

I had not one but three surgeries I needed to help my body be as healthy as possible.

I left love that needed to be left.

I traveled freely. My two-week trip turned in to a three continents and three months trip.

Got engaged to the man of my dreams.

Changed Careers for the love of the job and not the money.

I have stories that I don’t even believe.

2017 was full of positive adventure. It made me grow and become aware of my answers.

Here is the thing I learned; Answers are important, but the most important answers are the ones that hurt the most. Saying yes to things that need to be said yes to can really hurt.

Saying Yes caused me to cry more than ever.

I become lonely.

I felt unlovable.

I started to hate my body like never before.

I entered debt.

I lost people I never thought I would lose.

These are not new problems, they just became prevalent when I stopped saying no to things that made me uncomfortable.

That is the amazing thing, when you stop focusing on change and start focusing on growth you work through the things you hide from. You become happier because you become best friends with your deepest and most powerful thoughts.

As 2018 comes remember growth is slow and more powerful than change. Growth is what powerful humans are made of.

© 2018 Elise


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