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Guanabana Cancer Cure,Side Effect And Other Benefits

Updated on January 7, 2016
Soursoup-tree | Source

Guanabana, as you pronounce this name, it seems you are asking for a banana.To differentiate it has another name Graviola and soursop.Carribean and south American people use it in their food, tea and other eatable items.They make many recipes from it and use as medicine to cure cancer, hair and skin problem.In this hub, the authour will tell guanabana cancer and other benefits.

What is Guanabana?

Scientific Name-Annona muricata

Guanabana is tree having small green fruit. It grows in African countries like Peru, Congo and some South American countries like Brazil. Guanabana different names are guanabana, Graviola, cherimoya and soursop. Graviola every part is useful whether it is fruit, leaves or root.


Guanabana Plant

The plant has leaves like mango or Asoka tree.It can grow up to 26 feet. It requires warm temperature for optimum growth. The fruit of soursoup or guanabana has green color and taste like strawberries. Guanabana can have a weight of 7 kg . Inside part of soursoup is white that used in making juice, James,chocolates and ice-cream

Guanabana contributed by Luis E Castro L
Guanabana contributed by Luis E Castro L | Source

Nutritional Value Of Guanabana Per 100 gram

Value in gram
84.72 g
59 kcal
Total lipid
0.17 g
14.93 g
0.1 g
25 mg
8 mg
3 mg
7 mg
2 mg
Vitamin C
11.1 mg
0.120 mg
0.011 mg
Folate, DFE
6 µg
Vitamin E
0.01 µg
Vitamin B-12
0.00 µg
Fatty acids, total saturated
0.029 g
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated
0.051 g
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated
0.039 g
Source-United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 27

Guanabana cures all types of cancer. It kills cancer cells in breast cancer. Fights effectively in a colon and prostate cancer. Helps cancer drugs to cure it in a better way. People in chile, Brazil and other Caribbean countries are using it for the cancer cure. Some researchers have found that it is 200 times competent in killing the cancer cells than chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is the medical treatment to destroy cancer cells.

Carribean people have deep faith in Graviola for its cancer cure ability.However, there is not enough scientific research in this field.Therefore some scientific research support it some are not.

Health Benefits Of Guanabana

1. Skin boils and eczema-

It treats boils and eczema in an effective way.Normally in eczema and boils, the wound becomes red and started itching.For effective use, crush the leaves and apply in the affected part.You can use guanabana leaves water.

2. Use in Hair Problem-

Guanabana or soursop leaves are very good in treating hair fall and dandruff.It also promotes the new hair growth.For best result, boil its leaves in water and use it like you use hair shampoo.

graviola-tree-with fruit
graviola-tree-with fruit | Source

3. Make Immune system Strong

It protects your immune system and make it strong to fight with incoming danger. It flushes the free radical and toxin in the body which are responsible for weakening the immune system.

4. Cures Arthritis

It is known that the African tribes and people use it to cure rheumatism and arthritis.They use its leaves and fruit.It can be taken in juice form or its leaves can be directly applied in affected part.

5. Remedy For Sleeping Disorders

Many African and west Indian people use it to treat their sleeping problem. Whether it is fewer or no sleep, its soup or juice is helpful in getting you good sleep.

6. Rich In Potassium

Guanabana has good source potassium which saves you from high blood pressure and other diseases.It maintain overall structure of muscle and keep it healthy.Potassium calms your mind and frees you stress.

The Side Effect Of Graviola

1.It can damage the nerve cells in the brain.So eat it in needed quantity.

2.It may also create symptoms of Parkinson. One of the studies suggests that because of high use of Graviola,west-Indian people has developed this disease.

3.Pregnant women should avoid taking it. Avoid from its over intake.

Guanabana Recipe

Guanabana Shake:

Item required:

  • 250 g Graviola pulp
  • 500 g milk
  • 1 spoon milk cream
  • 100 g sugar
  • 1 spoon cardamom powder

Direction: Buy fresh Graviola fruit from the market.Don't buy pulp stored for some days.The more fresh our pulp will be, the tastier the shake will be.Take out pulp from the fruit.Mix all item and blend thoroughly in mixture grinder.You can also add the almond powder it.Add little ice crystals and cardamom powder.Freeze the shake for some time.Serve when it will become cold.Enjoy sweet guanabana shake

Guanabana Juice Recipe

At Last

So guanabana is helpful in curing skin, arthritis, cancer diseases and hair problems. In the field of cancer, it benefits but that it need scientific evidence. Its side effect is also an important consideration.We can see the Ayurveda just one herb is so powerful to cure all important disease and it has many like this.Take full benefit of it and be healthy.



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      Nancy Yager 2 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      Do you think there will ever be enough scientific evidence to prove that it cures cancer?