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"Guarding your Mental Health and facing negativity"

Updated on December 18, 2018

I write only about my own experiences in the hope of helping others. If you're feeling anxious or depressed I advise you to see your doctor immediately.

In the same breath, I also feel this topic is worthy to talk about openly and in discussion now than ever before. So please bear with me as I gain some momentum.

I wonder, is it just me or does anyone else feel a rising sense of hostility in the world, out there! Particularly towards the end of 2018! I mean in general, of course, it's just my own opinion certainly, and it's coming off the back of a pretty difficult year for me. 2018. I often ask myself, am I part of the problem or the solution in my own mental capacity?

I sometimes feel we're now occupying a world so foreign and far removed from my own childhood memories and upbringing in that there's a different set of principles at work. And it strongly feels there is a completely diminishing sense or obligation of basic human compassion for one another, including day to day life and work. It can and does take its toll on our mental health.

I for one, definitely miss the simpler days... the less afraid days, the more adventurous kind of days and I got to ask myself - what's gone wrong and where does such strenuous anticipation come from? Some days seem to me like the world is falling apart at the seams and I definitely identify with you if you've had similar experiences and then perhaps even felt sad about it.

I guess, in this first piece about how these emotions can affect us all, I try to look at the logic, yes, we all have God-given intelligence and common sense in which we get to think freely, so to speak, but we also live in a world hell-bent on conforming us as individuals - to stick in structured boxes. No thanks! Or ticking me off entirely! Such has been my own struggle, I can assure you, I will no longer put my brain in harm's way.

This notion of protection developed in as much as I am already isolated and feel that way a lot of the time, I simply vowed not to walk into any situation, employment or any other kind of place, where I am not at least appreciated. Simply put "in the wrong environment for my head." This makes working and finding adequate employment a little more tricky for me. But it's a must! And I know I'm not alone in this, there are many who need to feel at least a basic sense appreciation in their life and working environments. This, so depression doesn't form in the first place...

Thankfully for me, my Writing remains the strongest outlet of expression and a way to understand my own thinking, I am a huge advocate for creativity, especially for those of us who are prone to feel down, somehow, once you get involved with your project, it raises you out of a funk and allows you to feel like you've accomplished something. I tell myself regularly, we still live in a world in which we're free to voice our thoughts and opinions, don't we? I certainly hope so. And over the next while, I hope to do that here with these articles. There's much to discuss on the topic.

Here on the written page, as a man who battles depression daily, I feel entitled to grab all my ideas and glue them together, in the hope of writing some meaningful and intelligible facts about wellbeing in general. I often feel the world is just plain negative around me and wish to change it, but quickly learn of my short-comings when I realize I can't - the oppressive force of "change or face rejection." feels stronger now than ever before, but I won't change and I don't care much for rejection! I'll write about it in upcoming pieces.

I feel I can honestly relate to people when I say, I see the dishonest set of principles some of our fellow human-folk engage in. I see deceit for what it is and don't like it one a bit, there needs to be a shift in our acceptance and tolerance levels. I want to fight the rising tide of confused change just as much as the next person, but I can't do it alone. I feel like yelling at people - "Have you forgotten your own heart and mind in the matter." But those days, without insulting someone are gone! So where do we go from here? Are we destined to be isolated behind our thoughts and screens for the rest of our days? I don't know but I don't want to allow such a stifling notion bring me down. Just saying!

In my mind, it's getting increasingly difficult to relate to people as someone who's always been content with simplicity in my day to day existence, basic needs if you will, I've actually gotten by with very little, what used to be called enjoying "the simple things in life." was a fine way for me to exist. It all went wrong when I adopted more complex attitudes than my own and badly so, in the process I compromised my own head. I know this, but now I simply refuse to embrace it. So this is where it can be essential to maintain the room in your mind, where you are just allowed to be yourself and think and create what you will.

"Out there" people won't always get you! Granted, I get it too, nonetheless, it seems apparently vital to stand your ground firmly with your own thoughts, you are equally as valuable and sometimes may even change the atmosphere you occupy and your environment for the better. I'm not saying blast people out with your ideas, just remember the functional thoughts you're having are equally as important. So speak up for your valuable headspace. Its always wise to know when to be humble and keep quiet, sure. We don't live in a perfect world, so don't expect me to be perfect either, I'm joined up here to write about my experiences with and hope that I relate to someone.

My simple motto is, let the idiots be idiots, don't let other people define your head-space or crush your ideas. It seems to me many of the people who do this, their eyes are closed anyway, while entire thing falls asunder. I for one vowed to myself not to allow anyone upset my moods again. I realize in a world that's so fast and getting faster, sometimes all you're able to do is save your own brain the hassle. So do it! And don't ever be ashamed of how you think.

I know it can be very hard to come back from something mentally distressing in your life but you can do it. I believe you can and hope my writing here on a variety of general mental health topics will help you out in some small way.


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