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Guidance to Live a HealthyLife

Updated on August 9, 2016

Start a Healthy Life from Today

Today, people are leading a sedentary lifestyle without sticking to any healthy habits. A normal middle-age person’s daily routine will be waking up late in the morning, having a half shower, and rushing to office by skipping morning jogging and breakfast. The fast routine will store unhealthy fats in your body and bring serious other diseases in the future. There are options to lead a healthy life, but, few people are following it. However, it is easy to maintain an ideal weight without diseases by trying the below tips.

Do not skip the breakfast; this advice will be given by most of the health specialists in the world. But, the real reason is skipping breakfast will make you lazy in the morning and it will restrict you from doing your day to day activities. A recent research had found that people who have food in the morning will perform faster than the non-breakfast eaters. So, have enough food in the morning to make your day fresh and active.

What breakfast should I eat?

Foods like cereals, grains, and eggs are good for morning breakfast because it provides the right amount of calories for the body and makes you feel full for the entire day. South Asian countries include rice varieties in their breakfast and indeed, it is a right food to start your day. Rice is rich in carbohydrates and lower in calories and hence, it gets digested easily and energizes your body. Milk lovers can grab their cereals and milk for breakfast, but, with no added sugar because sugar is a culprit of obesity and diabetics so, watch your sweet intake.

Simple techniques to lose weight

Prolong sitting will not reduce your weight so, have a light exercise in the morning or during your convenient hours. If you have a staircase in your home, climb the stairs every day for at least ten counts. The stairs climbing is a part of an aerobic exercise and it is a simple method to get rid of your unwanted fats stored in the body. Start slowly and increase your speed from one day after another. Skipping, slow jogging, and yoga are some of the options to lose weight or weight maintenance.

Lose your weight without sacrificing the favorite food

Sugary treats like chocolates, cakes, ice-cream, and milkshakes are the favorite foods of kids and adults. Weakness over food is common among people but, when choosing your chocolate, try the dark one instead of milk varieties and likewise, when you opt for a milkshake, choose the one with low-fat milk and limited or no sugar. When you start restricting your calorie consumption, within a month or two you can lose your weight. The combination of the right food and regular exercise is a key to the healthy body.


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