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A Beginners Guide To Meditation

Updated on July 1, 2016

Osho on Meditation

What is meditation ?

Meditation is described in different ways by many different people. Their concept of meditation is often influenced by other people's perceptions.

I want you to take a moment and step back from what you perceive meditation to be. Step back from all the word's used to describe meditation and simply try this. Sit down in a comfortable position a follow your breath as it moves in and out of your body, be aware of any tension in both your breath and your body. Now as you follow each breath become aware of were the stress lies in your body and let go of it. Allow yourself to relax, let go of all that is stressing your mind, your worry's, anxiety's, problems & fears. As you inhale bring your awareness to any tensions you may be feeling in your body. Then as you exhale breath consciously, let go and release any tension your feeling.

Notice when you've had a hard, busy day and you sit down for the first time to relax, think about how you sigh as you exhale, you are recreating that feeling consciously. You're sighing away your tensions. When you do that it's the beginning, the starting point of meditation. Your taking your awareness in, away from all the thing's that distract you from who you really are.

A Beautiful Saying From a Great Cartoon.

Meditation Experience

Meditation cannot really be described only experienced, all descriptions fall short of any true experience of meditation. Meditation is a going inward towards your self (True self). As you move deeper in you’re thought process slows down and at some point simply stop have, you just feel In that stop of all outward movement meditation happens.

Meditation is a turning in to you. When I say you I don't mean your body or your mind but your divine, your soul the part that doesn't die at the end of life. Your true self. You are not the persona that has a name an identity. You are not the mind, which is constantly in the past or the future. You are not the body that constantly needs food, drink, sleep etc ... YOU ARE much more than that. Between the body and the mind we are constantly distracted from our true self that we never really discover who we really are. Do you know who you really are? Have you taken the time to feel your true aspiration? If you died now would you feel complete? Have you truly lived to your potential? Or have you settled for less? Until we know are true self we cannot know what we really want out of life, for that we need to take the time to discover who we really are.

Meditation is an ever-deepening experience, a journey into you (true self). Sometimes you journey deep within, sometimes it's a struggle to take one single step when the barriers of the body/mind are in the way, (e.g. your thoughts keep drifting or your body won't relax). Rather than focusing on teachings the goal of going deeper in, allow the journey to naturally unfold. Don't be worked if you can’t take a single step inward. The very tension of trying too hard becomes the barrier that stand's in you way. Relax and let the journey unfold, in the moment of non-doing meditation happens all by itself. It's so simple that we find it hard, we are habitually used to doing something. This is the reason for so many meditation techniques out there, that are designed to distract the body/mind long enough that you perceive your true self. Meditation is very simple we are used to complexity hence the difficulty. It's very easy to become disheartened especially when we have a million and one thing's we feel we should be doing. We have the tendency to say I just don't have the time. The truth is if we really want to we can make the time. Even if it's for just 10 minutes with a cup of tea closing your eye's and becoming aware of the breath, or listening to a moving piece of music that touches your heart. That 10 minutes can change your day for the better. It can help you look at life different, with less stress and give you a much need boost in energy.

The Golden Lotus Meditation Technique

Gurunath Talkuing about the Golden Lotus Meditation technique

The Golden lotus

Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath gives a very beautiful and simple breathing and meditation technique called the Golden lotus.

Visualise a golden lotus in your heart and slowly and deeply inhale love as the petals of the Golden lotus open .when they open visualise a miniature you sitting in the middle of the lotus of the heart. Hold your breath for 5/10 second's, then slowly exhale your breath as the lotus petals close.

Inhale love as golden petals open, exhale love as golden petal's close.

12 Points To Help With Meditation

1) Practice makes perfect. You only ever improve at anything the more you do it. Set a routine, preferably twice a day. If however you can only manage once, the morning is best time to meditate get up half hour earlier if you need to.

2) Deep breathing slows your heart rate, relaxes the muscles & focuses the mind. Be conscious of your breathing while you meditate. This will center your mind help prevent it from wandering.

3) Stretch before meditating. Doing this will loosen your muscles which in turn will allow you to sit or lie more comfortably.

4) When you’re new to meditation your mind will wander and frustration will occur. You’ll be saying things in your head like “why can’t I just relax.” You must try to focus your mind. Concentrate on your breathing to bring your mind back to center and the present.

5) Try different types of meditation and at different times. I personally like to meditate in the morning after exercise. I find its helps still my mind

6) Use a room in your home to meditate. Try to keep it separate from where you do work, exercise or sleep. Make it a relaxing space, decorate it in your own style but make it relaxing.

7) Read books and listen to audio books on meditation.

8) Meditation is a marathon not a sprint is prepared for good and poor meditations don’t dissect your meditations just enjoy the stillness they bring you.

9) Meditations need to be relaxing times so make sure you won’t be disturbed. If you have in your mind that the boss might ring or your children might disturb you. You will not be able to get into deep Relaxation State.

10) One of the most important tips don’t stress about your meditations, they are what they are. Don’t be nervous before or after don’t worry whether your doing it right don’t be angry just do the best you can in the time you have and stay in the present.

11) Another important tip. Be grateful about everything and everyone that is in your life at that moment. Doing this before and after you meditate will help focus your mind on the present and help you to relax.

12) Meditating is hard work and you will at times struggle to make it fit into your life. You’ll say things like “I don’t have time” this is where you need to focus and don’t be swayed by outside pressures of work and family. We all need time to ourselves this is yours.


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