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Guide to Happiness: Free Your Mind

Updated on May 2, 2016

Free Your Mind to FInd Peace and Serenity

Another step in finding genuine inner lasting happiness is to free your mind. What I want you to do and its not exactly the easiest thing either. I want you to avoid the following things: television, radio and printed newspapers & magazines.

You see we have become a society that runs to all forms of media and our mind is never quiet. When we have a quiet mind its amazing at what can come forth from it. We all have a divine purpose here on Planet Earth but most people are blindly walking around as they are too busy with their current schedule that they don't see the signs that lead them to their purpose.

The television will do everything but quiet your mind. Avoid this and engage in some other activities that inspire your mind as the tv only destroys your mind as far as I'm concrned.

You see.....all those channels that you watch are controlled by the higher ups and it is I believe their agenda to dumb us all down by watching shows that instill fear into our minds. You can't have authentic freedom if you have fear based thoughts and that is fear about anything....about going grey, wrinkles, gaining weight, where money is coming from, cancer, illnesss, old age or even dying.

Lose all fear based conditioning and lose all the white noise that man has created in order to have a free mind.

With a free mind comes creativity, strength, passion and inspiration and you will even think clearer with a free mind. If what you are watching or hearing does not serve your mind, body or soul in a positive fashion....get rid of it. Only allow goodness to enter into your realm.

Why do you think that crime has become so prevelant within our society these days....well....the little ones are watching shoot em up shows since about birth onwards.....actually before birth actually...when mommy was watching a slasher movie and her inner emotions were going up and down.....everything goes to the fetus...even emotions and feelings. At age 2.....some stick them in front of the tv babysitter to watch cartoons.....hard on the eyes and ears and lots are violent in one on one contact with mom.....lonely feelings can set in also......zombie tv kids.....OMG.

What we watch is reflected into our reality through our thoughts......the human life is no longer precious according to a host of tv shows......some humans are emotionless and are able to do the most horrendous things imaginable through the disconnectment between the soul and Source.

You see we all have a human nature....true self that aligns with all that is good and supportive of life and your emotions are a clear indicator on whether you are aligned or not. When we watch negative shows, engage in negative activities or talk negative talk we make ourselves sick spiritually inside for the mind, body and soul crave quiet, serenity and peace. Why do you think that most rehabiliation clinics are located in the countryside or very tranquil places?

The only things I watch on tv must be enlightening to planet earth kind of shows or shows on the universe. In music I listen to Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, Lorena McKennitt, Sarah Brightman and Marcome. I sing and dance to all of these cds and I feel as though I can do just about anything as positive vibrations ripple through my whole body. I need this kind of music in my life and it brings forth inspiration and creativity and strength.

So rid yourself of all fear based conditoning and limitations and that means avoid tv, radio, printed media. All fear based conditioning and will take you far away from your true self, higher self or your true nature. It will take you away from the connection with Source where all things imaginable are possible as we are the most creative genuises ever created.

Please try the above and your mind will thank you for the peace and quiet. Engage in a new activity....write, read, do something productive, exercise, learn an instrument or new language.

Free yourself and when you do.....oh boy the spiritual journey will start....hold on.....its a geat ride!!!!

Tammy Mackey


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    • walktheHappyRoad profile image

      walktheHappyRoad 5 years ago from Ontario

      I's so glad you enjoyed the article. I love to write and I love to make a positive difference in the lives of people where I can. Thanks for the compliment and have agret night!

    • Robert Erich profile image

      Robert Erich 5 years ago from California

      This was a great article with some great tips! I've noticed you've just gotten on this site and already posted three articles. I feel like you'll be flying to fame and riches in no time! Well, at least it looks like you're enjoying yourself. I wish you the best and look forward to reading more of your hubs.