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How to correctly clean your vagina.

Updated on November 9, 2011

Cleansing the vagina

How to cleanse the vagina may seem to be quite self- evident. In fact, I bet most of you have been cleansing your own vaginas' for quite some time now. Cleansing of the vagina enables you to stay fresh, and sense a clean feeling. However, many women have no idea that they are completing the daily task incorrectly, and YES indeed, there is a correct and incorrect way to cleanse the vagina!

The Basics of Cleansing Your Vagina

Just as the penis and testicles are sensitive organs for men, so is the vaginal organ for women as well. These organs must be treated with proper care and sensitivity when being cleansed.

  • Washing with strong, perfumed soaps is NOT in the vaginas' best interest. These soaps contain too many chemicals that are unhealthy for the vagina. Using scented soaps "down there" can result in infections, such as, Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). Mild, sensitive soaps with no scent or additives will surely leave you feeling fresh, and are safe for your vagina.
  • Soaps such as :Summers Eve, and Dove Unscented are highly recommended, and affordable.These soaps can generally be found at your local grocery store. It may also be helpful to ask your doctor what soap brand he/she suggests.
  • DO NOT clean the inside of the vagina, also known as "douching". The vagina is a self- cleansing organ, that cleans itself naturally, and does not need help from you! Cleansing the inside of the vagina can result in infection , and may lead to other vaginal issues.
  • Focus on cleansing the outer layers of the vagina, like the labia, which will dismiss any left over residue from urinating, and other odor. Also, be sure to wash from front to back. Any washcloth or old rag will do, even washing with your hands is okay. Be sure to rinse well.
  • This is primarily enough cleansing as far as the vagina is concerned. Sit back , and let the vagina do the rest of the cleansing, for that is what it's equipped for , to self- clean!

Don't forget that it is okay to use scented soaps for other parts of the body, just be sure to have the mild and unscented soaps on hand!


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    • profile image

      mel 3 years ago

      Dylan your a moron and this was helpful.

    • profile image

      rastafari 3 years ago

      that's goog

    • profile image

      kilo 4 years ago

      This was very helpful I always was the one with a sensitive va-jay,jay -:)

    • profile image

      Emily 5 years ago

      Wow. This should really help, thank you. I have been advised to always focus on how i wash my vagina due to having a prominent labia. Girls who do have labias outside their lips should always take good care to wash and rinse thoroughly as being outside it can pick up more bacteria, giving you a higher risk of infections.

    • profile image

      jassyyy 5 years ago