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Guided Meditation for Prosperity and Money Attracting

Updated on January 10, 2017

Meditation is one of the surest paths into achieving what you really want in life. It is also a tool that is used for people who experience confusion and seek their true role in life. One of the most sought after dreams by many people is wealth and prosperity. Most people will normally want to be higher in the social class and favorably measure up to the various successes. This envisioned success may not be as far as it may seem. Meditation on wealth and prosperity can help bring the vision to life.

To achieve prosperity and wealth needs two things. One is to have the vision of where you desire to be and the other is allowing the vision you have to live actively while addressing the subconscious beliefs that keep you from achieving the vision. Almost everyone desires to live in prosperity, joy and with what it is that they value most in life.

To get the best experience from the meditation process, it is advised that you start by addressing subconscious beliefs that keep you from attaining your goals. In so doing, you get the opportunity to change limitations and transform them into opportunities and hence a life of prosperity.

  • Among the beliefs that should be cleared include:
  • The belief that you do not deserve money
  • Feeling jealous of people with money
  • Money is the root of evil
  • Fear of being alienated because you are rich
  • The feeling of comfort in poverty

Meditation for prosperity gives you the rare opportunity to create a balance between spirituality and prosperity. A lot of good can come from the energy of prosperity and that of money. The negative perceptions most people have on money and prosperity come from poor understanding of the said energy. Money and prosperity energy can be channeled in any direction and it is up to the person with the energy to channel it for overall good of society, as in so doing, more comes to them.

When the subconscious is clear, you have the opportunity to create your own unique belief system which will be centered on your belief to prosperity. Though it may sound quite simple, it is this feature that ultimately leads to prosperity and money attracting. With the new found energy of prosperity and money, you can help others in need. As it is in giving that we receive, channeling the new found energy allows you to create good karma to follow your generous deeds.

To carry out this meditation, you will need:

  • A stopwatch or a timing device

The timing device should be set when the meditation begins and set at approximately 20 - 30 minutes depending on the depth of meditation desired. It helps alert you when the time has lapsed so you do not get lost in time.

For best results, the meditation should be done in a quiet room free of distractions and at a specific time each day. In setting a specific time and place to mediate, you find you relax easier and get full benefits of the procedure. The procedure can either be carried out when sitting or lying down. It is advisable to go for the sitting position as lying down might cause you to sleep.

Irrespective of the mediation position chosen, no compromise should be made on comfort, as you want to free your mind of all other cluttered thoughts, and such a thought can come from discomfort in the chosen position of meditation. It is also advisable to clear up all other distractions such as cell phones, pagers, and even noise from other children. In case you cannot get a peaceful noise free place to meditate, it is advisable that you create the ambience by playing soft meditative music which allows you get into meditation.

Many people will fail at their goal because they cannot concentrate in meditation. It is good to note that it is normal to have challenges while meditating at first, but concentration grows stronger as you practice on a regular basis. Focusing concentration on a specific area like prosperity is advised as it keeps your mind alert and occupied. Ensure whenever you meditate, you only focus on one thing which keeps running over and over your mind. In so doing, one does not only get better results from meditation, but is also able to guard all doors where failure and fear may come in and keep one from their goal.


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