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GuidoSimplex Hand Controls with Price and Installation Info

Updated on April 26, 2012

GuidoSimplex Driving Hand Controls

Guidosimplex Handicap Hand Controls

If you’re looking for the widest range of different hand controls then GuidoSimplex is the manufacturer you’re looking for. The problems you’ll immediately face is in their availability, but this section is purely going to be about the driving controls themselves.

GuidoSimplex is unlike any other manufacturer in terms of the range of different products which they have.

Menox only has one hand control, MPD has around 4 (each having around 4 different handle attachments), MPS Monarch 4… whereas GS has closer to 20.

What’s more is that those 20 aren’t all very similar (like MPD) but they’re all wildly different and completely move away from what the other manufacturers’ products.

I’ll give a few examples below:

  • Acceleration-only steering wheel ring and pen.
  • Brake-only hydraulic and mechanical controls.
  • Regular driving controls with the option of being situated on, close to, or away from the steering wheel.
  • Equipment incorporating manual, mechanized (mechanical linkage), electronic and hydraulic technology.
  • Clutch controls such as the model 942.

Firstly remember that this is just the short list, you can find out about all their products by visiting my page which I’ve linked near the top of this article.

The technology they use is top notch and their driving aids are useful and unique.

Read my page on GuidoSimplex Hand Controls which has every single product with a description, review and if necessary comparison

Two of the Most Important Websites for Portable Driving Controls

Firstly it's worth checking out the cheapest and most popular set of portable driving controls here, you can read other people's reviews before making an informed decision.

Or you can check out my own website on Portable Hand Controls if you want to find out a little bit more and see if portable or permanent are right for you.

The Price of GuidoSimplex Hand Controls

The costs involved with the purchase of their hand controls can vary wildly depending on the technology, device and installation cost.

I’ll certainly quote a few rough prices but one thing I’ll mention right away is that their equipment isn’t cheap to purchase (and usually not cheap to install either).

Their most basic products start at around 600-700 dollars and their top end products are around 2000-3000 dollars. This isn’t including their Total Freedom driving system which incorporates all aspects of driving and is aimed at paraplegics with incredibly limited motor functions in both their hands.

Acceleration at the Push of a Button...

Brake Only Lever Very Close to the Wheel

The Installation of GuidoSimplex Driving Controls

Depending on what you buy the amount of integration with your car (bolting things down, cutting dashboards up and so forth) the device needs will dictate the extent of what will happen to your vehicle.

· There are permanent and semi-permanent devices which are available.

Permanent models must be installed by a trained mechanic and must be removed by a professional too. These tend to require the most integration with the vehicle (car, van or lorry) and will reduce the value of your car should you need them removed. Most of them also stop able bodied use of the vehicle.

Semi-permanent installations consist of an action area and permanent area. The action area is removable and allows able bodied usage, while the permanent installation remains intact but cannot be removed.

One serious issue with GuidoSimplex is how difficult it is to find a disabled car dealership which stocks and installs their products.

They’re an Italian based company and although they have representation in the US they’re nowhere near as widespread as MPS Monarch for example.

Electronic Accelerator and Mechanical Hand Control

Freedom System - Driving for All

What do I Recommend for Disabled Driving

If you want an acceleration only device then I would go to GuidoSimplex right away with no questions asked because in this category they’re far superior to all their competitors. I would say this is true to an extent with their brake only devices (especially if you’re especially weak and require hydraulic power to assist you).

However it’s worth pointing out that there are competitors for their regular brake only models, which isn’t the case for their acceleration only ones.

For a cheap, manual set for occasional use (or if you’re on a tight budget) I’d recommend portable models which are far more accessible and simple to get going with.

If you’re a paraplegic who just needs a decent set at a reasonable price but what’s something a little better than a portable set then I’d recommend MPS Monarch or Mobility Products and Design.

Any questions? Go ahead and ask me below…

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