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Gummy Bear Diet

Updated on March 8, 2013


Okay, so I was watching a show a while back and heard about something I had never heard of before, The Gummy Bear Diet. Supposedly this is a real thing that many people attempt to follow through, but the expected ocurrences keep them from trying it any longer... They get sick. What would you expect from an all-sugar diet? Well, as weird as it sounds, here are some of the back-up reasons people try this diet.

How many gummy bears are you supposed to eat?

You are able to eat as many gummy bears as you want, in the gummy bear diet. In fact, it is suggested that you buy an industrial size quantity of gummy bears in order to fill your tummy. Usually Costco , Sam's Club or Walmart carry industrial sizes of certain candies or foods. There are many other stores, but these are the top stores in my head right now. Usually one handful of gummy bears will fill you up. Maybe less of you drink water with them.

Why is this a diet?

  1. Reason number one that people attempt this diet is probably the most obvious, they love gummy sweets. Rumor has it that, when food that you love is included in your diet, you tend to stick to it.
  2. On the label of the gummy bears candies, it reads that there are zero calories. Zero calories means that your body will really have nothing to burn but fat after eating them. This to me makes no sense since sugar basically equals fat, but we'll get to that later...
  3. When you eat heavy foods, you tend to eat less. Gummy bears are just full of sugar! and it is all gooped up into a see-through glob. The compacted sugar gets very heavy and eventually, when you eat them, it fills you up faster.
  4. Bears are cute, cuddly and you always want them around. Who doesn't like their food to look appealing? Many people are attracted to these bears because they always look happy, they remind some people of that special stuffed-animal they had as kids and this altogether makes the candy a rally fun experience. Fun keeps you motivated in the gummy bear diet.
  5. Gummy bears come in all sizes, colors, and flavors. Depending on the person, the size of a gummy bear, the colors, or certain flavors may be more appealing. Remember, the more colorful your plate, the healthier you are.

How is this diet effective?

I have not personally tried this diet, but just to see one time what this would do, I ate allot of gummy bears. Word from the wise- do not eat allot of gummy bears unless you're used to eating large quatities of them. You will get sick, so stay close to the rest rooms, or keep an empty bowl nearby.

Then again, you could start out the diet with smaller quantities and work your way up to the gummy bear diet, expectations. I wouldn't doubt that you would need to exercise often in order to prevent long-term effects. Some people actually prove that this diet works. It keeps them full for prolonged periods of the day.

Gummy Bear flavors

The place to start looking for gummy bear flavors would be in Germany, since that is where they originated. Flavors consist of: sour lemon, blue-raspberry, green apple, lemon, wild cherry, orange, pineapple, strawberry, banana, lime, watermelon, red raspberry, grapefruit, Cola, coconut, coffee, cinnamon... and many, many more. The flavors of the gummy bears themselves depends on the company producing the gummy bears and flavors. Sometimes you have to be careful though, there are vitamin gummy bears out there. You don't want to overdose on multi-vitamins and throw your body out-of-whack.

Black Forest gummy bears are my personal favorite, but there is also Haribo, Raleigh, Albanese and Heide.

Just a suggestion:

The diet that have provided above is not a real recommendation from me to you. This could be dangerous for some people to try, so do consult a doctor first to keep an eye on your health. I do not find any part of this diet as a real "diet", nor do I consider gummy bears as "food".

Have fun with this one! It is crazy, but for you candy-lovers out there it may be a great discovery. Be careful, watch your health and have fun. Peace!

Screaming Gummy Worms - Cool Science Demo


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I'd like to say that the only thing bad about Black Forest gummie bears is the corn syrup! They are actually colored and flavored with fruit juice and vegetables!

      Just saying because someone said something about chemicals lol

      And also this diet sounds really horrible. I recently bought a big 6lb bag of Black Forest gummie bears and I eat 20 and I too feel like vomiting and I love gummie bears! Maybe it's because I generally don't eat sweets verry often. Ps the whole back wasn't just for me lol

    • Brandon Martin profile imageAUTHOR

      Brandon Martin 

      5 years ago from Colorado, USA

      Lol. How did you know? ;)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Have you been watching Jerseylicious again, Brandon?

    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 

      6 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      I think I have finally found my perfect diet!

    • Brandon Martin profile imageAUTHOR

      Brandon Martin 

      6 years ago from Colorado, USA

      I know. It doesn't seem realistic whatsoever. I'm surprised that someone even thought to start this. I would like to see the real people who claim it to be a success. I bet they have diabetes or something by now :( .

    • floors profile image


      6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Interesting idea but I'm not sure how realistic this is.

    • Brandon Martin profile imageAUTHOR

      Brandon Martin 

      6 years ago from Colorado, USA

      HAha! Thanks! :)

    • profile image

      Chris Hugh 

      6 years ago

      Mmmm, gummy bear diet. I think if anything would make me crave vegetables, it's that! But I love the picture you chose. So pretty! Chemicals, yum:)

    • Brandon Martin profile imageAUTHOR

      Brandon Martin 

      6 years ago from Colorado, USA

      Haha. Pretty interesting huh? I thought it was crazy, so I had to share it! Thank you. I'm glad you are enjoying this.

    • Sue Adams profile image

      Juliette Kando FI Chor 

      6 years ago from Andalusia

      People must be so ignorant to believe that eating pure sugar, colouring and glue will make them lose fat.

    • Lizam1 profile image


      6 years ago from Scotland

      tee hee this must be a joke - I do love my gummies but they are certainly not a weight loss or in any way real food item

    • daisydayz profile image

      Chantele Cross-Jones 

      6 years ago from Cardiff

      That sounds very interesting, but cannot possibly be good for you! Lol! Interesting hub though!


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