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Gun Safe Accessories

Updated on July 1, 2009

If you own one or more firearms it is always a good idea to own one or more gun safes. A gun safe will protect your family and friends from accidentally mishandling your weapons and injuring themselves or others. Gun safes are also incredibly useful at protecting your weapons and valuables from theft, weather disasters, and fire damage. They are really quite handy little safes that range widely in make, model, quality, and design. 

If you already own a gun safe you might be interested in purchasing some extra gun safe accessories to make your gun safe even more useful and particular to your guns. There are a bunch of different accessories available out there in the home security market today but this article is going to discuss some of the most common ones and explain why they are useful for you to have in your gun safe. 

browning gun safe
browning gun safe


If you’re storing your gun safe in a cool damp environment like an attic or a basement you might want to think about purchasing a dehumidifier for it. Dehumidifiers will suck the moisture right out of the air and protect your guns and valuables from water damage. It is best to store firearms and ammunition in a dry environment so they are not ruined. 

You can get a few different types of dehumidifiers, each of them with their own pros and cons. If your safe has a power outlet built into it the best kind of dehumidifiers you can get are the ones that plug in. These will run constantly and absorb moisture without you having to check up on them or replace them. You can get dehumidifiers that don’t use electricity as well. 

Damprid makes dehumidifiers that come in a tub and they also have some that you can hang up in the closet. These are basically containers filled with a chemical similar to kitty litter that eat up the moisture. The problem with these is that they only have a short shelf life and will need to be replaced as soon as the chemical runs out. 

Safe Interior Lighting

For those of you that already own a large gun safe you might already understand the lighting issue. These things can get pretty dark if they are deep. Often the more expensive gun safes will come with interior lighting built in but you can go ahead and add some if they don’t have it already. Personally I just use a battery operated camping lantern to light up my Bighorn gun safe. I just open the safe and flick on the lantern and I can see pretty clearly. 

Pistol Racks and Velcro Pistol Holsters

If you own more hand guns than you can count you probably want to keep them organized. You don’t want to have them just scattered about your safe willy-nilly because then you’ll run the risk of damaging them. That’s when a pistol rack comes in handy. You can put these racks on the shelves of the gun safe and line up all of your pistols in a neat little row. There are also some pistol organizers that utilize holsters that you can attach to the inside of the gun safe door. These come in handy when you want to browse your collection and don’t want to dig through a pile of guns. 

Electronic Safe Lock

Most of the latest safes will have electronic safe locks built in by default but if you own an older version you can purchase one and install it yourself. These locks will often have unique features like time delays and clocks built in for your convenience and they make it really easy to just punch in the right combination and get the door open when you want to. 

Jewelry Trays and Drawer Storage

If you plan to hold more than just weapons in your gun safe you might want to consider getting some trays and drawers specific to other valuable items. It will get messy in there if you’re storing your wife’s pearl necklace in the midst of all your rifles. Separate the valuables from the dangerous firearms by putting in some trays and drawers. It is always better to be more organized. 

Practice Gun Safety

Those are some of the most common gun safe accessories. They enhance the practicality of your gun safe and make it easier for you to use. A user-friendly gun safe is a safer and more secure gun safe. I hope this little guide was helpful, have fun shopping for safes and remember to practice proper firearm safety when using your guns.

If you're interested in learning more about the different types and brands of gun safes out there on the market today, check out the video below. Really interesting stuff.


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    • profile image

      jamil 7 years ago

      My brother lives in California and likes to collect antique guns and yes the gun laws are strict and at times hard to follow the reasoning but I agree with it.


    • Lackasafe profile image

      Lackasafe 7 years ago from Carlstadt, NJ

      Nice explanation of all of the accessories you need if you want to keep your guns (and other keepsakes) in pristine condition.

    • profile image

      blackpowderpal 7 years ago

      Thanks, there was a lot of great information in this post! The other day I saw a commercial on the Sportsman Channel about a rack system that you applied to your safe to increase storage capacity. The company's name was Gun Storage Solutions and the commercial showed that they offer racks for pistols and long guns. It sounds like they would be great products to add to the "Pistol Racks and Velcro Pistol Holsters" section of your article. Again, thank you!

    • profile image

      wicklesscandles 7 years ago

      I am in the market for a new safe and am condidering a gun safe. This information was very helpful. Thank you.