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Gym Etiquette For Dummies

Updated on June 4, 2011

As a regular user of gyms for several years now i feel it is important for new gym virgins to know the do's and dont's and the rules and etiquette for gym use,some of them are obvious but others may not be to the casual gym goer and can cause upset and hostility between yourself and other gym users.When your spending a good deal of time there maybe three or four times a week this is something you don't want as it just makes for an uncomfortable workout session if someone you may have upset is in the same building or even worse on the running machine next to you.Unfortunatly for most new gym users a lot of these rules and the gym etiquette is unspoken and although maybe common sense it is sometimes easier to know them all so as not to get under someones skin.

Tip One: Personal hygeine

Now although this seems obvious there has been times when some of us have turned up to the gym in the same pair of socks as we were wearing the previous day and if there are any smells about your person this is going to cause offense,now I'm sure most of us are clean hygienic people but sometimes it cant be helped sweating while working out which is why it is a good idea to bring a towel to wipe yourself down when your perspiring and making a bit of a mess.

Tip Two: Dont Stare

Again bit of an obvious one this but one that seems to slip most peoples minds,the tendency to stare at good looking fit women or admire another guys physique wishing you could look as good as that is quite common but is one of the things that puts people of going to the gym in the first place as who wants to get all sweaty and out of breath whilst someone else is staring at you.It doesn't feel comfortable when someone is doing it to you so don't do it.

Tip Three: Wipe Down

Now referring to tip one of course you may not smell but you are certainly going to sweat,well at least if your working out right,so always bring a small towel with you and make sure that after using any of the machines or weights,if you have left sweaty marks and deposits all over them then simply wipe them down,lots of gyms have a spray bottle so just give the machine a quick spray and wipe it down with your towel,you wouldn't want to get on a sweaty machine would you.

Tip Four: Share

That's right share,gyms can get very very busy and if they do you cant always do your routine the way you would like and you cant have long rest periods in between sets as there is usually people waiting to get on and use whatever piece of equipment you may be using.So let the other person jump in between sets and then you can both achieve your goals without annoying people,if there is a wait for a running machine or a cycle then simply go on to another exercise in your routine and come back to it at a later point.

Tip Five: Noise down

Now i know this wont apply to all gyms as some of them are very noisy with lots of blaring music etc but they are not all like that,some of them are relatively quite and if you have your ipod in listening to some tunes you need to keep the level down so it your earphones cant be heard by someone next to you and definitely no singing,i have heard that before at gyms someone humming or indeed singing while working out and it drives me up the wall.

Tip Six: No Mobiles

If you have to bring a mobile phone into the gym with you then either silence it and put it in your locker or failing that silence it and keep it with you but should it ring then leave the current piece of equipment you are working on and take yourself off to a quite corner of the gym and take your call there,remembering of course to keep your voice down,no one else is interested in your conversation.

Tip Seven: Be Polite

Again a bit of an obvious one here but lots of people use the gym as an outlet for their anger issues or whatever but just remember if someone else needs to squeeze past you or asks you if your going to be long on that piece of equipment that they do not want you being impolite and just grunting at them or raising their voice,be courteous to everyone as you may need to talk to them again at a later date when you need to use the equipment they are using,Please don't be rude no matter how bad a day you may have had.

Sum Up

And that's it really guys and gals,if you have never used a gym before as long as you stick to the above you will be fine,remember to have an induction to get you used to using the equipment and go out there and have some fun and workout.


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    • profile image

      gesoweso 7 years ago

      ive been wanting to go to the gym for quite some time now and if it werent for this hub i would have probably been one of those people you described, thanks warchild once again for an amazing hub!!!!!

    • dusy7969 profile image

      dusy7969 7 years ago from San Diego, California

      You may not consider everything you just read to be crucial information about Gym Etiquette For Dummies. But don't be surprised if you find yourself recalling and using this very information in the next few days.

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      I go about 3 times a week or go running on the street,its hard to get motivated on a cold january evening though!!

    • SJKSJK profile image

      SJKSJK 7 years ago from delray beach, florida

      I go to the gym every day. I would like to post your hub on the wall, Thanks.