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Gym Fears

Updated on June 3, 2015

Common Gym Fears People Face

These are the most common fears people have about gyms.

  • Flab might motivate us to go to the gym but it is also one of leading reasons why many people don't go to the gym. They are self conscious that they will be judged by others and people only go to gyms that are already fit. FALSE people will respect you for going to a gym. No person who is genuinely into fitness will look down upon anyone wishing to improve their health or loose weight. Many will actually help and motivate you to keep going.
  • You don't know how to use any equipment properly. The majority of gyms actually have people who will show you for FREE how to use machines correctly. Nobody wants you to get injured and it is their job to help you use it the correct way. If you go after hours when their is no staff around just about anybody you ask will be happy to help you. They was more than likely in your shoes once upon time.
  • I have no physical ability to do any kind of workout. Gyms offer equipment for people who are just getting started weather it be by simply walking on a treadmill and slowly increasing the pace or light lifting with dumbbells. Even beginners have options in a gym.
  • You don't have a workout buddy. Common with the fear of going out to eat by yourself some people don't like going alone. If you do give it a chance you can more than likely meet someone who is also looking for a workout partner.
  • Feel like everyone is watching you/or going to. Trust me on this everyone is concentrating on what they are doing. At my gym if you are on a treadmill they have cable hooked up to them where you can insert headphones and watch TV while working out. Many people also bring music to jam to while they are working out. They ARE NOT going to be watching you.

Go For It!

You are not alone so try and push those fears away and go for it. You will never succeed if you don't try.

Gym Fear

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