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H1N1 2009 Debunked

Updated on January 20, 2010

Don't Accept the Status Quo. Ask Questions!

How Mercury Causes Neuron Damage-Unv. of Calgary


In the past decade, retail sales of prescription drugs have jumped by 250 percent, while the average cosr per prescription has more than doubled from $30 to $68. This extraordinary growth of the pharmaceutical industry can be attributed to evidence of pandering by its former employees appointed to major U.S government departments by crooked politicians on the dole. Once inside, they systematically exploited such agencies as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the ultimately the World Health Organization (WHO) to enhance pharma company profits. Furthermore, with the recent support of the Bush administration, these “moles” have achieved unprecedented power to eliminate or reduce consumer protection laws designed to protect the American public.

It is even believed by some that pharmaceutical companies' motive has been to deliberately pollute our drinking water (and possibly air) with contaminants minute enough to avoid detection, but strong enough to to sicken us. In our panic to save our own lives and of those we love, we rush out to buy the “anecdote” without question. Whether this theory is true or not is debatable without hard evidence. However, the American Waterworks Association must have found some merit in it, because they took the time to write a rebuttal. Their standpoint is Americans are the source of their own contamination in unwise acts of pouring unused medicine down the drain or flushing it. The Center for Disease Control maintains that in light of our own foolishness, water sanitation plants around the country have the ability to excavate the majority of the toxin, except for a very low level remaining.

What is clear is that we have been frightened into compliance. The H1N1 swine flu outbreak should never have escalated to a level-six pandemic. It was all a big marketing scam whose purpose was to simply sell vaccines. Many large pharmaceutical companies have earned billions of dollars in profits peddling this untested vaccine. In just the fourth quarter of 2009, GlaxoSmithKline shipped $1.4 billion worth of vaccines.

These vaccines, paid for with taxpayer dollars, now sit expiring on pharmacy shelves and will soon be disposed of. Their end would be a blessing in disguise. The contents of the H1N1 vaccine are not only harmful, but can be deadly. China, Taiwan, and Japan are experiencing deaths linked to the H1N1 vaccine. The United States is also experiencing a high miscarriage rate in mothers who were vaccinated in the last three months. This information seems to be overlooked by media outlets. Bottom line, the individual active ingredients can cause harm. Combined, they formulate a toxic brew.

Harmful Individual Ingredients:

Formaldehyde: is a carcinogen. Its vapor is toxic.

Sodium Deoxycholate: causes cell death and symptoms such as burning, redness, and swelling. It is toxic when mixed with antifungal drugs. As a detergent and emulsifier, it can cause tumors. It also disrupts the immune system.

Thimerosal: Thimerosal has damaging effects to the nervous and immune systems. Exposure to organic mercury found in the vaccine causes unconsciousness, coma and death. Thimerosal also causes damage to neuron cells, disrupts neuron growth and causes DNA mutation leading to changes in brain function.

Squalene: is too dangerous for human injestion. Squalene is not licensed for use in the United States or Canada. It is normally used to infect lab animals with diseases such as anthrax. According to anthrax vaccine experts, the US military used an experimental anthrax vaccination laced with squalene that resulted in Gulf War Sydrome.

Polysorbate 80: Polysorbate 80 can cause permanent cell damage followed by seizures, heart damage and even death. Polysorbate 80 can negatively affect the immune system and cause anaphylactic shock, which can kill. There also have been studies which showed that Polysorbate 80 causes infertility.


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