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H1N1 Influenza Injection: Does The Vaccine Matter?

Updated on January 3, 2012

A pupil receives a H1N1 vaccine injection at a school in Chenzhou

Mass vaccination programs around the world. Get them in grocery stores, community centers, schools, department stores.
Mass vaccination programs around the world. Get them in grocery stores, community centers, schools, department stores.

Are Vaccines Safe? Read the Package Insert


This hub is a review of a recent The Atlantic November 2009 published an article "Does the Vaccine Matter?" The purpose is to encourage you to go read the article, get the facts and get educated before rushing out for your influenza vaccine.

Shannon Brownlee is an investigative journalist and writer for the British medical journal BMJ.

This comprehensive 3-page article is a must read for everyone who wants to get the facts and take responsibility for their health.

The biotech industrial complex is like a science-fiction environment. In secrecy, do we know what compounds are bubbling in the laboratories? I even wonder if they know all the components of the agents they are manufacturing. Mixing up so many chemicals produces unknown results.

Nevertheless, our governments and world governments and overseeing bodies continue to promote injecting these mixed disease materials into the bodies of humans and pets.

They believe they are doing good. They believe they are preventing untold numbers of deaths. I question the “numbers” and “statistics”. Natural News just came out with the latest reports that H1N1 numbers are hyped up and kudos to CBS broadcasters for publishing these facts to the public.

Excerpt from The Atlantic: “The CDC has recommended that some 159 million adults and children receive either a swine flu shot or a dose of MedImmune’s nasal vaccine this year. ”

A month ago, while driving around town I heard the commercials “SELLING” vaccinations at your local Wal-Mart. This really sent me over the edge. They are not asking you to see your doctor, so that you can be monitored and evaluated. Just go get a shot like it is a candy bar.

The main question to ask yourself, your leaders, your doctor, your government is, “What if everything we think we know about fighting influenza is wrong? What if flu vaccines do not actually protect people from dying—particularly the elderly, who account for 90 percent of deaths from seasonal flu? And what if the expensive antiviral drugs that the government has stockpiled over the past few years also have little, if any, power to reduce the number of people who die or are hospitalized?”

This gets to the heart of the matter. What’s the MATTER? What’s is in the matter? What’s the matter with our thinking?

We know that a belief system directs the way we behave and our actions. Now what if we must re-evaluate our thinking and make a change in course, even if the financial loss of our investments are great? Do you do it? Is money more important than lives and morals?

The problem is that people are blinded and will not look at the facts in front of their faces. There are EXPERT scientists and physicians giving warning about the ramifications and long-term results of vaccination and over-vaccination. Where is the media? Why are they not covering these experts?

I highly recommend reading the articles bravely posted in The Atlantic. They are thorough and to the point. They provide the history of influenza in the world.

The article gives some historical background to influenza, including the seasonal cycles. Today, seasonal flu is estimated to kill about 36,000 people in the United States each year, and half a million worldwide. They call into question what we categorize as H1N1 or influenza as a labeled disease, since so many other illness have similar symptoms.

The article calls into question our methods of dealing with these types of illnesses. Is it the Military Tactical Approach of Kill Everything in Your Path? Do they use MASS HYSTERIA and promote FEAR to get the population to abide by their methods? Using numbers as scientific fact when they can be manipulated and even fiction is becoming more commonplace. People are getting wise to these tactics.

The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology 2009 summer predictions warned that swine flu, H1N1 would effect one-third and one-half of the U.S. population and possibly kill 90,000 Americans. The winter season is playing out as quite mild and the numbers do not live up to the predictions.

The death toll has effected mostly individuals with weakened immune systems with chronic asthma, bronchitis, heart disease, auto-immune disease or congenital conditions like cerebral palsy.


These officials attempt to give cause and effect reasoning that appears on the surface to validate their claims. However, those blinders again do not let them see that the natural curve for the rise and fall of an epidemic disease just unexpectedly coincided with the application of vaccination programs throughout history. Many other nations around the world have come to this realization and do not vaccinate their people.

The majority of death occur from secondary infections like pneumonia or bronchitis. Statistical records typical lump all deaths into the one group of influenza without separating out for secondary infection. Then they compare those who have been vaccinated with those who have not been vaccinated.

Now let us study the true numbers of mortality in those populations who receive the flu shot and those who do not. That is also found in The Atlantic article.

Influenza causes only a small minority of all deaths in the U.S., even among senior citizens, and even after adding in the deaths to which flu might have contributed indirectly. When researchers from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases included all deaths from illnesses that flu aggravates, like lung disease or chronic heart failure, they found that flu accounts for, at most, 10 percent of winter deaths among the elderly. So how could flu vaccine possibly reduce total deaths by half? Tom Jefferson, a physician based in Rome and the head of the Vaccines Field at the Cochrane Collaboration, a highly respected international network of researchers who appraise medical evidence, says: “For a vaccine to reduce mortality by 50 percent and up to 90 percent in some studies means it has to prevent deaths not just from influenza, but also from falls, fires, heart disease, strokes, and car accidents. That’s not a vaccine, that’s a miracle.” . . .When researchers crunch the numbers, they typically try to factor out variables that could bias the results, but, as Jefferson remarks, “you can adjust for the confounders you know about, not for the ones you don’t,” and researchers can’t always anticipate what factors are likely to be important to whether a patient dies from flu. There is always the chance that they might miss some critical confounder that renders their results entirely wrong. You will learn about which populations typically take the flu shot and which do not. What are the demographics like lifestyle, education and status in overall health in these two populations that could effect the long-term outcome?

Go to The Atlantic article to read the full report.

You will begin to ask more questions. You will become more educated on the Vaccine issue. You will make better decisions about your health care. You will wonder how much power and influence the pharmaceutical industries have in your life when you see how much they can profit from producing these vaccines and other drugs. Natural remedies can help to strengthen your immune system, but they cannot make such huge profits or patent these products.

Just read this little bit:
People with weakened immune system, such as older generations, infants, and the chronically ill, do not respond well to vaccines and this is the group that is likely to succumb to a contagious epidemic. While those who have a strong immune system can more likely cope with infection, which results in lifetime immunity.


So we might question whether it is worth giving the vaccine to healthy individuals? Why don't we let them build up their own immunity without imposing any external stimuli? And, it is precarious to impose upon the weakened system of the elderly, very young and chronically ill another disease element to ward off.


Jefferson puts on the table the need for placebo-controlled trials, studies that would randomly give half the test subjects vaccine and the other half a dummy shot, or placebo. Only such large, well-constructed, randomized trials can show with any precision how effective vaccine really is, and for whom. This appears to be a moral question for those with the 'belief system' that vaccination programs work absolutely to prevent mass deaths and disease. However, without long-term observation and records of vaccination effects we have no real facts.

None of the manufacturers of these vaccines have shown proper scientific method before producing and delivering these vaccines. The general population become the guinea pigs, a massive experiment, and the negative outcomes may last a life time.

It’s up to you. Become educated. The information is free for everyone on the internet. It’s a new world. Read. Learn. Decide. Get in touch with your intuition. Who is the skeptic now?

An introduction to the world of influenza, the swine flu, and the pros and cons of vaccinations can be found on Homeopathy World Community in the group called Swine Flu Group Articles. There are numerous articles regarding influenza, epidemics, vaccinations, swineflu and health



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    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      6 years ago

      Hello Vinaya - I'm glad my Hubs filled with health information can benefit some people. Taking self responsibility to boost the immune system will make a difference. Of course, not everyone has access to supplements, sanitary conditions, fresh clean water, etc. Hopefully, creating awareness will put the "intention" into our minds to move and direct our society to a more healthy, cleaner environment. Blessings, Debby

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 

      6 years ago from Nepal

      Debby, recently H1N1 was diagnosed in Nepal. Interestingly, vaccine is not available here. And our government is doing all it can to contain the virus.

      Thanks for this useful and informative post.


    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      7 years ago

      Dear Rochel ~ In my opinion that was an excellent choice. Many pregnant women who received the swine flu had a miscarriage within 7-10 days of receiving the shot. Glad you are both healthy and happy. Blessings, Debby

    • rochelj profile image


      7 years ago from USA

      When I was pregnant, my ob/gyn recommended the swine flu vaccine, partially because they had another patient that got critically ill from the swine flu. however, I did not get the shot, and I am glad that my baby and I are fine.

    • Eastern Rainbow profile image

      Eastern Rainbow 

      9 years ago

      Hello, i like your hubs,very interesting. I joined your fan's club, and want to invite to visit my hubs and join my fan's club. Thanks!

    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 

      9 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      You have done some good homework and I am impressed. I personally do not believe in anything promoted by the government(s). They are NOT for the people but only for those who gave them the funds to get into power. Big Business and Big Government are run by the same people - and those same people rule the media.

      Thanks for a great article - thumbs up!

      Love - Light - Laughter


    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      9 years ago

      Hi Frogyfish. I'm happy to speak out as long as we have our freedom to do so. Unfortunately, I'm recently reading that there may be attempts to keep alternative views silent. I hope everyone will bond together to keep us strong and healthy using natural and ancient wisdoms.

    • frogyfish profile image


      9 years ago from Central United States of America

      Right on target, truth related and facts stated. Education... We MUST! Thank you Debby for your info and courage to speak out again!

    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      9 years ago

      Rich ~ I think you are very wise to enable the intuitive abilities of your body to respond to illness in a natural way. Unfortunately, the people of all nations are totally stressed out with conflicts, economic and emotional depression. These factors put everyone in a precarious and fearful attitude.

      I do, however, see the light as more people are questioning ruling governments and large corporate entities. Thanks so much for reading my hub. Hope to see you around.

      Keep up the Vitamin D, sunshine and all good things


    • livewithrichard profile image

      Richard Bivins 

      9 years ago from Charleston, SC

      Hi Debby, nice article. You know fear lead people to spend money and what a better way to stimulate the economy than to create a mass hysteria that will lead millions of people to buy vaccines. Sounds a little conspiracy theory but I for one will not get the vaccine. I haven't had one in 20 years and have only gotten the flu maybe twice, and even then it only lasted a few days.

      I'm no expert but if people practiced building their immune systems then I think there will be less cases of critical illness caused by the flu. I think people that habitually disinfect are more likely to get sick because they often kill off the bacteria and enzymes that help our bodies fight off the bad stuff. Just my thoughts.


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