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Updated on November 13, 2010


My reference to the above sparked off enquiries as to what it was and what part it plays in Chemotherapy. As I am due for the process on Tuesday as part of my recovery and preventative programme, I can now advise all interested as below as to what it is and how it is administered, along with possible side efexcts details. .

INTHRATHECAL METHOTREXATE is part of Chemotherapy as a drug with the function of preventing leukaemia cells entering the fluid known as CSF {cerebrospinal fluid}. As the name implies CSF is located around both brain and spinal areas and can also be used to treat leukaemia in the brain. In my case as advised, it is a preventative measure. My son tells me that if affecting the brain, the disease can cause madness but no one would notice in my case!

So on Tuesday, I will spend approximately 4 hours in Hospital as the drug is initially injected into me in a spce between bones in the lower back and thus into the CSF. At least I know know what a lumbar puncture is!

Side effects are categorised as few, for which many thanks. Discomfort apparently may obtain when the drug is administered but my consultant tells me it is less than for the bone marrow extraction which I found no problem at all. Side effects concentrate in the areas of dizziness, tiredness, blurred vision and loss of balance. These can obtain for a few hours after injection, hence the time factor to allow for these,if present , to pass whilst in Hospital and with the patient resting on a bed. Susequently a plaster is placed over the insertion for 24 hours but no longer.

Children are often receivers of this treatment, especially relating to leukaemia cases.There are possible neurological problems associated here ,chiefly when severe, called leucoencephalopathy, but these are not to be dwelt on here.

Thus, as an adult recipient, I am prepared for possible discomfort on insertion followed by two hours rest with my book and then home, brain intact and shielded from potential or possible attack. Once this is over it will give reassurance and is a further step on my road to recovery. I will report later on the way things pan out in fact on Tuesday.


CHOP 5 was duly administered on Friday as normal and with no problems, my blood levels having risen susstantially and BP at 124/86. Great levels considering 12/18 months ago they were 167/104! MESNA was given to me as standard for my polyurea and last night I slept from 11pm through to 5.30am before the bladder called. My longest undisturbed sleep for months! Let us hope it continues, but past experience suggests not. At least, ahead of any appointment with the urologist, it does seem as if the problem is caused by one of the Chop constituents.That suggests that once CHOP 6 is completed and run the course things should return to normal once more ,although that is still quite distant according to the Chemo nurse.

Thus, onwards and upwards with PMA firmly in charge leading me on to lumbar puncture and a new exprience in the wonderful mixture we call life.


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