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Updated on December 31, 2012

Caring for your body is an education in itself.

The food we eat says a whole lot about us. Whether we feed on too much fat, meat and poultry or carbohydrates; but nutrition comes first in our diets.

Without nutrition, we miss vitamins, glucose and minerals that produce energy for our vital organs; for our cells, and therefore our bodies, to stay alive.

The body does not produce minerals, and so the only way to supply it is from the outside; meaning, from the kinds of foods we feed it.

However, many foods these days are processed and the nutrients that they are supposed to contain are "washed out", so that we may be full after eating, nothing much is happening in our bodies, except the cells feeding on scraps that are left by nature and/or by fertilizers used to grow or produce what we eat.

Some people can manage their weight with exercise, and eat small amounts of food, instead of stuffing themselves with any kind of edible, just because they are hungry. However, others will go on to have as much food and double the calories that come with whatever they consume, and by so doing, they are indulging in bad food eating habits; or simply put, they overeat.

Healthy eating is knowing what the food one is ingesting contains, and whether it is benefiting the body and making it run naturally. That is, you can only stay healthy eating vitamin filled foods in moderation, to help the cells in they body to function properly.

As said before, processed food lack the materials - antioxidants, vitamins and minerals - that energize the cells, and the only way to get them is by supplementation. Antioxidants are what health officials call them.

Dietitians and doctors can advise you better, but it is not all the time that you can visit your doctor or see a diet specialist. You must be conversant with health education, and by reading on metabolic foods in articles on the Internet and in periodicals and books; and also get to know the supplements that can help you in making your body to stay healthy. Caring for the body is an education in itself.

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      muffina 4 years ago

      remember a diet of healthy food, what you will eat a lot of tomatoes, since they are wychodowane the chemistry and pesticides...