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Updated on December 20, 2012

Free radicals or toxins in the body, and how to fight them.

Free radicals are not conducive to the human body. They "are molecules responsible for aging and tissue damage..." meaning, some cells in the body can go "haywire" and become toxins that must not have a place or any part to play with the vital organ functions of the body.

They are damaged molecules that have accumulated in the body, depending on what one eats or feeds on, and they have nowhere else to go, but continue to interact with other healthy counterparts and weaken them or blend in their activities pretending to protect the tissues.

However, the more those damaged molecules are, and overtake the number of healthy cells, the more one will feel uncomfortable after meals and become sickly, or even develop a disease. Thus many illnesses come about, because the free radicals have outnumbered the vibrant cells; and by interacting with them, have overpowered them (vibrant cells) to make them unhealthy.

Many health officials and dietitians attribute damaged cells to bad habits of eating; thus one will eat or drink anything at any time during the course of the day, when one must be able to control one self with what one eats or drinks, regardless of whether one feels empty or not.

In other words, one must treat the body as a fine machine and "water it, oil it, and even gas and grease it" at the proper time. As from breakfast through lunch and dinner, there must be snacks that are paced to maintain body strength, but they (snacks) must be timely to keep the body in a comfortable state continually.

Counting calories is vicariously done by some people, and that is important, but that is not all, as any good dietitian will say. Metabolic foods are advisable at every stage in eating habits, with minerals and less fat, to keep the body functioning properly.

(Not all fat is bad, as the body needs some for the organs - heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, skin, etc., - to perform as efficiently as possible).

Now, to get rid of free radicals or toxins, that is where antioxidants come in, to flush them out to make the body run smoothly; and that can be done by the supplementation of minerals and vitamins that the cells, and therefore the body organs, require to remain healthy and strong.

"Unique Pomegranate Superfruit", which does that very well, is recommended by many health specialists and diet experts; and one can go to the web site below; read about it, and order it on the next page.

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