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Help Your Male Hormones

Updated on December 25, 2014

It’s called the male hormone for a good reason , testosterone is usually responsible for all the manly attributes . Low testosterone would literally make you less of a man. In present times stressful lifestyle and certain bad habits are resulting in low testosterone problems in many male men . Also with increasing age testosterone level starts dropping naturally . Lower levels of the hormone can cause sexual dysfunction , depression , increased bodyfat percentage , decreased strength and musclemass and various other problems in men . Below are some proven ways for maintaining and increasing your testosterone level naturally :

1. STOP LIVING ON BEERS: beer a week might not hurt your T-levels , beers a day would . Some young people ( people in their twenties) might claim that their drinking habits these days are far from moderate and yet they don’t have any low testosterone related complains … the thing is that your T-levels peak in your twenties and many of these alcohol fueled young men have other healthy lifestyle habits like sports activity or weight training. People who are not that young should consider the fact that alcohol literally converts your male hormones to female hormones i.e. estrogen , and your body isn’t that old testosterone factory it used to be . So doing that much alcohol would hurt you bad. Alcohol might make you feel good but having healthy hormone levels would make you feel more awesome.


2. STOP BEING FAT: increased and unhealthy bodyfat percentage lowers your T-levels . Excess fat means higher estrogen level which equals to lower testosterone levels .

3. LIFT HEAVY THINGS: lifting heavy things increases your T-levels . Doing a set of heavy deadlifts would increase your T-levels almost instantly . Also regular weight training increases your muscle mass , and increased muscle mass means increased T-levels. While training with weights consider doing compound movements like squats and deadlifts rather than bicep curls . Train intensely and shortly , prolonged hours of working out increases cortisol levels and decreases testosterone.

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4. HAVE EGGS AND STEAK: you need dietary fats to create testosterone . Testosterone’s main secret ingredient is cholesterol . So include eggs , red meat , nuts in your diet . Always keep a balance in your diet . Too much protein , too much fiber , too much fat or going only for vegetables would make you miss out one or more of the necessary elements .

5. QUIT SMOKING AND STOP USING : for the sake of all the good things , quit smoking . Along with a thousand other health problems the chemicals from cigarettes hurt your endocrine system pretty bad , therefore mess up your hormone levels . Also any kind of substance abusing or doing marijuana harms your hormone system . Although many argue , there has always been a large group of authentic people claiming that the THC form weed lowers your T-levels.


6. LOVE REGULARLY : having regular sex is one of the most healthy habits . Alongside various other physical and mental benefits having regular sex would keep your testosterone levels up and active . On the other hand decreased libido and lack of sexual interest is one of the major signs of lower T-levels . So , love is the drug man……….

7. MASTARUBATION IS NOT GOOD FOR T’S: some people tends to think that if sex is good for your Ts then mastarubation must be too. It’s not , because jerking off to porn lowers the androgen and dopamine receptor activity , that would result in hurting your T-levels . Mastarubation being a natural practice in male human beings shouldn’t become a substitute to normal healthy sex with a partner .

8. AVOID CHEMICALS: today everything from our cosmetics to our foods are loaded with harmful chemicals . These chemicals hurts our endocrine system in different ways . So try to stay organic and avoid as much chemicals you can .

9. AVOID STRESS : stress would increase your cortisol level which in turn lowers T-levels . Try to avoid stressful situations and keep yourself happy and peaceful .

10. GET SOME REST : majority of all the good hormones are produced during sleep. Sleep eight hours a day atleast . Don’t compromise the rest your body needs for anything .

Instead of resorting to gels , creams and injections and expecting their certain side effects , why not keep your lifestyle healthy and controlled to help your hormones . Try to remember these basic things and you would never be any less of a man .


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