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Updated on June 27, 2013


The scinetific name of Brahmi is Bacopa monnieri. Brahmi is also know as Bacopa, Bacopa monnieri, Indian Pennywort, Hespestis monniera, Nirbrahmi, Babies tear, Jalanevari and water hyssop. The Indian name brahmi is derived from hindu god name "Brahma". Brahma is considered to the god of creation in Hindu culture.

Brahmi is a creeping perennial herb found mostly in India, Malasia and Kodakkan, Shrilanka, Nepal and China. It grows naturally in wet and marshy lands. The plant has small and succulent leaves and small and white flowers with four or five petals.

Brahmi propagates by root divisions, seeds and cuttings. It can be grown in home and garden. It requires humidity and high temperature for growth. Temperature around 35 to 40 degrees is suitable for proper growth.

The whole plant is used in a large number of medicines mostly in Indian and chinese Ayurvedic Medicines. Brahmi has been a component in numerous ayurvedic and traditional medicines in India from thousands of years. Brahmi has its descriptions in a large number of books in Indian Ayurvedic literature. Brahmi contains sodium, potassium, zinc, copper and other important nutrients. Brahmi has powerful antioxidant properties. it invigorates mental improves the function of brain cells.


Brahmi can be useful in a large number of skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, ulceration and prolonged skin disorder. Brahmi works as a blood purifier and is used for treatment of joint pains, skin disorder and fever. Brahmi is antibacterial, anti-fungal antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in nature and therefore it's a great herb for treatment of skin disorders. Brahmi is a constituent in a large number of herbal skin care products in combination with other herbs.


Brahmi is very effective for the functioning of brain and intellect. Brahmi rejuvenates brain and nervous system. Brahmi is used for the treatment of a large number of brain and nervine disorders like epilepsy, psychiatric disorders, Alzheimer, poor concentration and memory loss. Brahmi is a wonderful brain tonic which has calming effect on brain and it can be used to relieve stress. Brahmi contains antioxidants and is a natural memory booster that improves the ability to remember or retain information by nourishing brain cells. Brahmi stimulates increase of some brain chemicals that boosts cognitive ability, learning and memory. Brahmi is also helpful in raising IQ level.

Brahmi work great for anxiety and depression. Recent researches have shown that Brahmi relieves tension and anxiety and improves concentration while calming the mind at the same time.

Brahmi also works as a nerve tonic as it contains certain chemicals Bacosides A and B. and these chemical improves the functioning of nervous system. Brahmi is used in numerous ayurvedic herbal products for improving memory and cognitive skill in various forms like capsules, syrups and tablet. It is also used in combination with other herb for such medicinal benefits.

So if you are looking for ways to improve your memory and concentration through medicines. Brahmi is the best recommended herbal remedy. Brahmi is available and sold in market very easily. You can find Brahmi in a large no. of drugstores. As Brahmi is bitter in taste you can take it in the form of capsules.


Brahmi is good for hair loss treatment and is used in combination with Amla as a hair oil. Brahmi Amla oil is very beneficial for hair growth. Brahmi gives strength to hair roots. Massaging Brahmi oil stimulates growth of hair, provides nourishment for hair growth. Regular use of Brahmi oil makes hair follicle stronger. Brahmi helps hairs to grow longer and makes them strong and healthy and thus it is very helpful in preventing hair loss. It makes hairs healthy and strong and removes dandruff.

Brahmi is used in numerous hair care products because of its beneficial effects on hair growth. Brahmi with Amla oil is a great combination which is very effective for nourishment of hair and very helpful preventing hair loss.


Brahmi is beneficial in relieving cold and cough & sleeplessness. Brahmi as an antioxidant prevents aging, improves youthful vigor and keep a person young and fit. it rejuvenates the lost energy, removes fatigue and gives a sense of freshness. Brahmi is also considered useful in maintaining blood pressure.


As Brahmi is bitter in taste, so to reduce the bitterness you can grind Brahmi leaves and take it with honey. Brahmi leaves can be crushed and taken with tea for therapeutic uses. It can also be used with salads and pickles. If you want to avoid all these hassles one can buy Brahmi in capsule or syrup form from drugstores.


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