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Updated on June 25, 2013


Memory is a very important factor for success in your life and career. Memory is crucial to become successful in your personal, social, professional life. Your ability to remember important things and events, faces, names, dates, places, schedules is very important in your success. lack of good memory poses hindrances in your way to success. Your success depends on how good you can remember things. Your ability to remember facts and information gives you ideas to prepare yourself in achieving your goal. If you can remember your past experiences or events occurred in your life you can avoid many future problems or mistakes. So taking care of your brain is essential for easier and contained life.


Herbs have been used from centuries for treating several health conditions in many traditional systems. Many herbs play very good role in improving our memory power.


Brahmi has been a very important herb used in many traditional ayurvedic medicines from centuries. Brahmi has been a constituent of many herbal and ayurvedic medicines. Brahmi is one of the best herbal remedies to boost your memory power. Brahmi is good for improving functions of your brain and nervous system. Brahmi is helpful in treating many brain health conditions like depression, anxiety, poor retention, sleeplessness, memory loss, alertness etc. Brahmi boosts memory, concentration, understanding, retention power, mood swings and ability to learn and remember new things.

Brahmi is a natural brain tonic without any side effects. It contains nitric oxide which is helpful in function of brain cells. It's also helpful in improving your blood circulation.


Ashwagandha is a powerful herbal brain health tonic. Specially its roots are used for medicinal purpose. Ashwagandha has been in use from centuries in herbal medicines and is one of the top natural herbal remedies. Ashwagandha plays very important role in improving memory power and cognitive abilities. It improves mental clarity and gives strength to your immune system. Ashwagandha is important remedy for stress, anxiety, depression and other brain conditions as it rejuvenates your brain cells and can be taken without any side effects. It provides nourishment not only to your brain but also to your whole body.


Gotu kola has several health benefits. Gotu kola is useful in stimulating brain functions, improving memory and curing anxiety and depression. It improves blood circulation. Gotu kola is used in many herbal medicines in many forms like in herbal capsules, syrups and tablets. It's bitter in taste. To decrease its bitterness it can be taken with honey or in the form of herbal tea. Gotu kola is beneficial in increasing concentration, mental clarity and is helpful in healthy functioning of brain.


Tulsi also known as Basil has been a well known and widely used herb in traditional herbal medicines from thousands of years. It is known for its medicinal properties in Indian Culture. Its leaves are very effective for nerve and may be taken as nerve tonic which improves memory, concentration power and mental clarity. Tulsi leaves stimulates brain functioning and helps removing forgetfulness. It boosts our immunity power and kill bacteria and helps in purifying our blood.


Rosemary helps in improving memory and concentration and improves blood circulation. It stimulates brain functioning. It rejuvenate your brain and is used in several herbal medicines. Rosemary has been in use in many traditional medicines from thousands of years in Chinese herbal medicines. It has essential oil which is also helpful in boosting brain functioning and alertness. It's helpful in improving digestion and boosts your immune system. Rosemary has antioxidant properties which removes headache and used as a brain health tonic. It improves concentration and is effective in relieving stress.


Ginco Biloba is a constituent in many herbal remedies in capsules and syrup form. Mainly its leaves are used in medicinal purpose. It's a great memory booster and helps in nourishing your brain cells and thus plays a very important role in improving brain functions. Ginko Biloba has some antioxidant properties which improves brain functioning and nerve health. It improves blood circulation and glucose absorption. If you are under stress it energies your brain cells and helps in relieving stress.


Blessed Thistle has several medicinal uses. It increases blood circulation. It work wonders for brain as it increases oxygen supply to the brain cells. Blessed Thistle purifies blood and removes toxins from your body.


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