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High Tech Tools To Boost Your Health

Updated on August 8, 2015

There are some really amazing high tech gadgets on the market that are designed to help people improve health and fitness. There are activity trackers and scales that go beyond weight measurement alone. Your goal may be to drop weight, increase endurance or just improve your overall fitness. These devices provide some real data and a level of accountability to help you get there. Read on to learn about a few of the latest high tech tools available to help you reach your goals.

Wireless Scales

These scales are designed to sync with many devices and track weight as well as body fat. You can choose the option of having your data provided to you in a graph form, allowing you to see progress and trends. There are a few models available and you can expect to spend between $120-160.

Smart Phone Watches

With the introduction of the new smart phone compatible wrist devices, carrying your phone for music or videos during your workout is no longer necessary. With this little gadget you can access your favorite app faster. Cost ranges from about $200 to $300.

Interval Timer

Keeping an eye on an interval timer on your tablet or phone can be difficult and cumbersome. Enter the tiny Set Starter. The device can alert you at the end of an interval by beeping, flashing or vibrating. It's compact, it multi-tasks and fits on your finger. Best of all it's only around $30.

Infrared Saunas

In recent clinical studies, infrared saunas were found to be more effective in removing toxins and assisting in pain relief. Added benefits include increased immunity and cell health, along with improved skin health. They work by using energy similar to that of the sun to raise the core temperature of the body. The result is a more comfortable session. Experts recommend three 30 minute sessions each week for best results. Prices for spa sessions range from $10-18 per session.

Wristband Trackers

- The Bowflex Boost. This wristband is compatible with both iOS and Android powered devices. Feedback is simple and quantifiable. This device tracks sleep and activity, provides daily challenges and comes with a free mobile app. Remarkably easy to set up, it's priced at about $50.

- Jawbone UP24. Provides wireless connection with your favorite apps and anytime, anywhere data syncing. Tracks calories, steps, distance and sleep. Priced about $150.

- Fitbit Flex. Compatible with most iOS and Android phones and devices, this wristband and the companion app track calories burned, activity and sleep. It can also be synced to other apps. A popular perk is the availability of two sizes that are adjustable. Cost is about $100.

- Polar Loop. Sold as a custom fit, this wristband does everything the others do, but is also waterproof - a great bonus for swimmers. This device is compatible with most phones and tablets. A downside is the separate cost for the heart rate monitor. Cost of the wristband is about $1 10, add another $70 for the addition of pulse sensor.


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