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HIV - AIDS - Symptoms, Facts, Prevention & Treatment

Updated on September 24, 2011

AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome)

AIDS is a very severe communicable disease caused by a kind of virus which has been discovered recently. This disease is spreading very rapidly in the world. In Nepal, it is estimated that about 1,00,000 people are suffering from this disease.
AIDS is a disease which affects body's natural resistance to disease. It is caused by a kind of virus known as 'human immuno deficiency virus'. In short form, it is called "HIV". The incubation period for Aids varies from a few month to more than 2 years.

The HIV is transferred through

1. Sexual contact
2. Blood transfusion
3. Reusing infected needles and blade
4. Infected mother
5. Semen received
6. Infected organ taken from infected person.


Following are the symptoms of AIDS
1. It stimulates the immune system and produces antibodies.
2. The patient may suffer from illness similar to influenza and mild fever.
3. Swelling of glands is seen.
4. Loss of appetite and body weight are found.
5. The patient suffers from night-sweating and diarrhea also.
6. He suffers from coughing and itching too.


1. Educate each citizen about AIDS.
2. Avoid sex with unknown person.
3. Use only sterilized needles for injection.
4. Isolate AIDS patients.
5. Test blood for HIV before transfusion.
6. Infected woman should not bear child because such child also carries AIDS.
7. Discourage the use of drugs.


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