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HIV AIDS from a different perspective

Updated on April 6, 2015

How much do you know about HIV?

Millions of people have been tested positive for HIV, and everyday there are more people getting infected with this (deadly) virus. HIV has been around for decades now but still we seem to know so little about it. What is HIV ? And is it truly deadly?

HIV is short for the word Human Immunodeficiency virus, the actual precursor of AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency virus). It is believed that you acquire the virus through sexual intercourse with an infected person, sharing needles, through blood transfusions or surgical devices which have not been sterilized. It can even be passed from mother to child.

HIV affects your immune system as it destroys important cells. These cells are supposed to fight off foreign invadors and protect us from illness and disease. The weaker the defense system gets, the more vulnerable our body gets. Once the cell count falls below a certain number, the body becomes to weak to fight off and diseases have a chance to develop. This is a time when an HIV positive person is considered of having AIDS.

How did HIV start ? Where did it come from ? Was it really passed from monkey to humans? And why was it originally thought that only homosexuals or drug users were doomed to get AIDS? How much do we really know about it?

Dr. Duesberg

In 1987, Dr. Duesberg started questioning the AIDS virus. Dr. Duesberg was Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California in Berkley. He claimed that there was no evidence to back up the HIV hypothesis. Over the years, Duesberg had published several papers discussing the HIV AIDS hypothesis. He came up with a different explanation of the epedemic that we know as AIDS. To silence Dr. Duesberg the US government tride to bribe him and offer him a large sum of money. They asked him to recant his views on HIV and AIDS.

Dr. Duesberg claims that the HIV virus is harmless and doesn’t cause AIDS. He also knows that the AZT drugs given to AIDS patients don’t help but make things worse. He claims that AZT actually will cause death. This very toxic drug was originally developed in 1964 as a drug against cancer. It was never approved by the FDA because of its severe side effects. So why was it never approved because of its severe toxic reactions but now AIDS patients are given it without questioning the negative side effects?

There are millions of people with HIV who live without symptoms. And there are plenty of HIV positive people on drugs whose conditions get worse and worse. So, again we should ask ourself, what is HIV?

Dr. Duesberg wrote several books on his research and his thoughts about the HIV hypothesis. They are exceptional reading material and could provide some hope to anybody who thinks they have a deadly disease.

How to gain your health back

Whether HIV AIDS exists or doesn't exist, it is a fact that people who live with it seem to slowly weaken their immune system. Dr. Duesberg insists that AZT drugs are the killer pills. Medical doctors insist that without medication hiv aids patients shorten their life span. Fact is that the immune systsem is weak and patients need to find ways to strengthen it dramatically.

Below you will find some videos of interviewed doctors working with hiv aids patients who they have put on a regimen of aloe vera juice. Too much toxicity in the body also blocks the immune system from functioning properly. That is why aloe vera juice has offered a helping hand by not only cleansing the body and getting rid of toxic build up but also by providing the body the necessary strength to rebuild itself and to withstand foreign invadors.

Medical research studies done with HIV and AIDS patients who were given large dosages of aloe vera juice on a daily basis showed some promising result in weakening the virus or whatever it is that causes people to become sicker or weaker. You can read about the study below.

Medical research studies done with HIV and AIDS patients using pure Aloe Vera Gel.

Can Aloe Vera cure HIV AIDS & Cancer

Can Aloe Vera cure AIDS part 2

So what's Aids?

Whether hiv is really a virus or whether it is something created in labs making us believe that it is a virus doesn't change the fact that too many people die of AIDS every year. The weakening immune system allows for opportunistic infections.

The best way to strengthen your immune system is by getting rid of toxic build-up in the body. A clean body will work more effectively. A body cleanse based on ph balanced nutrition supplemented with alkaline-rich superfoods such as aloe vera juice, for instance, will get rid of build-up within the colon. This will automatically strengthen the immune system. Dr. Terry Pulse had exceptional success treating hiv patients with aloe vera juice.


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