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HIV/AIDS and Nutrition, Including Vitamins and Minerals are Essential to a Quality of Life

Updated on December 7, 2012

Nutrition is critical for Quality of Life in HIV/AIDs

HIV and the need for quality nutrition cannot be separated. HIV infections tend to result in eventual malnutrition, while an inadequate diet plan results in a worsening of the progression of the disease process. People living in poor counties within the global community are at the greatest risk for bad outcomes in the treatment of AIDS because shortages of necessary nutrition.

Doctors and other members of health care teams who care for HIV positive people are always interested is finding better methods in promoting the health of those who suffer this illness. This composition is being written to promote positive and effective treatment plans which includes using food supplements in diet plans, vitamins and quality minerals (such as Balanced Mineral 77 Gold Yellow), in order to avoid the process of “wasting.”

It is important to note that the use of food supplements in not meant to take the place of “state of the art” AIDS medications. Food and food supplements are meant to support the victim’s body as he or she suffers from AIDS/HIV. Quality food and food supplements help to decrease the process of “wasting” that can be a life threatening process in AIDS victims.If a person without AIDS is starving, he or she will lose fat first. If a person with AIDS is losing weight the weight loss will be in the form of lean tissue such as muscle. Good nutritional practices, including the use of vitamins and quality minerals, will surely help sufferers of AIDS to tolerate their medications more effectively and realize greater control of symptoms of their disease, which includes weight loss. When one look at the statistics of children suffering from HIV, one notes a significant growth failure.  European scientists conducted a research project that found that children with HIV were, on an average, around 7.0 kg (15 lbs.) lighter and 7.5 cm (3 inches) shorter than uninfected children at ten years of age.

An important question is, “ What causes HIV-related weight loss in these victims?”  We know that “increased energy expenditure” is one factor that causes increased weight loss in HIV sufferers. People with advanced infections or AIDS may expend far more energy. If an HIV sufferer will eat slightly more food, in addition to adding food supplements in the form of quality minerals and vitamins, it is possible to offset some of this weight loss. Balanced Mineral 77 Gold Yellow is the best source of natural minerals for helping to decrease the effects of HIV-related weight loss.

When the effect of HIV weakens the immune system, these victims contract various infections, some of which cause a decrease in appetite and the inability to eat. These people develop mouth sores and sore throat and pain upon swallowing. They develop diarrhea or nausea that disrupts normal eating patterns.Weight loss or growth failure can occur when the body cannot absorb nutrients properly, especially fats, from food, because HIV or other infection (such as cryptosporidium), has damaged the lining of the gut. Diarrhea is a common symptom of such mal absorption.

In order to avoid micronutrient deficiencies, or to correct them, be certain to remember the value of including Balanced Mineral 77 Gold Yellow, in addition to vitamin supplements, to the dietary regimen. We must remember that micronutrients are vitamins and minerals that the body needs in order to maintain good health. In our research in immune system functions, we have noted that people with HIV infections have displayed lower levels of vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, carotenoids, selenium, zinc and iron. We have noted that these are just some of the micronutrients that are affected. Space and time, in this short paper does not allow me to go into all the details. It is important to include Balanced Mineral 77 Gold Yellow in the diet plan for the HIV/AIDS victim in order to improve nutrition and in order to enhance the effects of HIV/AIDS treatment regimen.


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