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HNYHNY-Get Moving!!!

Updated on February 10, 2015
Get up and get going!
Get up and get going! | Source

Use it or lose it.

Such a true statement. The less you use your muscles the weaker your body becomes. Exercise is not just for those who want to lose weight. There is medical proof that a body that keeps moving lives longer and is less prone to illness.

I remember about year ago a good friend of mine landed in the hospital with a serious blood infection. He was there for almost a month, lying flat on his back and he was in immense pain. His wife and the nurses came in a few times a day to move his arms and legs, but he still became very weak.

After about fifteen days of not being able to do anything his doctor ordered physical therapy. The doctor wanted him to get moving. Although my friend knew he was weak, he wasn't prepared for all that he couldn't do. On his first day of PT the therapist was happy to see he could sit up in bed, my friend on the other hand thought he was going to be able to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom. It took two long weeks before he was able to stand at the edge of the bed for one minute his muscles had atrophied that much and this was only fifteen days after he’d entered the hospital.

My friend basically had to learn how to walk all over again. Once he started taking steps things progressed quickly, but a month later he was still using a walker to get around and he was out of work for two months. It was safe to say we were all amazed at how quickly thins can go south if you don't keep moving.

The important thing I took away from this experience was that if you don’t use it you actually do lose it. It is so important to keep moving. That is probably why doctors want people up and walking right after most surgeries.

Regular exercise can actually help alliviate some of the pain of surgery. If you think about it it makes sense. Think about how you feel first thing in the morning after you’ve been in bed for eight hours. Many of get up slowly and stretch to work out the kinks that have settled into our joints during the night. It takes a few steps to get our muscles warmed up enough to face the day.

Exercise isn’t only important for weight loss it can also help prevent illnesses such as diabetes, stroke and Alzheimer’s. Exercise can cure some forms of heart disease and it has been helpful in the recovery of some cancers. Gentle stretching or yoga can help reduce the inflammation and pain of arthritis. And regular exercise gives your immune system a boost.

Regular exercise also raises the feel good chemicals in your brain called endorphin's. It’s a great mood enhancer and helps ward off depression. Exercises like Tai Chi and yoga are great stress reducers. If that isn't enough regular exercise makes you smarter by boosting your brain power.

Exercise doesn’t have to be long and boring and you don’t have to work out for hours to get the benefits. There are many activities you can do that constitute exercise. The important thing is to get started. Just ten minutes of exercise a day can go a long way in helping you begin an exercise program.

If you don't have a normal work out schedule start by doing something for at least ten minutes a day. When I did this program back in 1996 I worked full time. I didn't have much time, but I managed to fit in ten minutes on the treadmill every day. It gave me a good start to my work day. I had more energy and was more focused.

The good news is there are now DVD's with ten minute exercise routines on them. Tae Bo is one of them. Tai Chi and yoga also offer ten minute work out plans. You can go on line and find DVD's or look through your cable guide to find work out programs. Anyone can find ten minutes a day to make yourself feel better.

Doing something everyday makes it a lifelong habit, so take that ten minutes to spend time with yourself. Concentrate on getting your body both mentally and physically fit.

I have walked for years, so exercising was already part of my life. I walk three miles a day with my dog and I walk during all four seasons. If it's raining or just too cold to go out I do tae-bo with wrist weights on. During the winter I snowshoe and trudge (walk in snow) I also get together with a friend and hike about once a month. I like being active. I like to keep moving.

If you do some research I'm sure you can find a host of activities that will interest you. Who knows maybe you will find a new hobby, like rock climbing or cross country skiing. Join a local team or start a sporting club, start a walking or snow shoeing club. Switch it up and make it fun. Just do it!!!

Move more eat less.

Exercise is fun.
Exercise is fun. | Source


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