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Updated on October 31, 2009

SATURDAY 10-31-2009


It's like having a hotdog with a hole in the middle.When you go to take a bite you find out that it's not what you expected.

How many times does it have to be said ;The president is not a dictator and cannot do anything other than "try" to get congress to do what he personally thinks is right for the people.

I thought that it would be apprpriate to write this on Holloween day.

A hubpage about the tricks the Insurance companies have been playing on the public when they buy their insurance policies without reading them and without knowing what they are really covered for.Remember your insurance representative is working for the insurance company ,not you.It's like when your want to buy a house or a car ,the person your dealing with is represents the seller.If he or she gets paid a commission based on the price of the house or car he or she sells it's in their best interest to get as much as possible from the buyer,right ? Not that there arn't honest insurance sales people out there ,but the fact remains ;they work for the insurance company and probably have a bais towards their employer rather than the customer

If ,you know anything about law,you know that a written and signed contract is more important than what a sales person says is in the contract.There is even an insurance policy that the sales reps can buy if they misrepresent what they claimed was in a contract.There is even something called "DEAD PEASANT" LIFE INSURANCE THAT CAN BE TAKEN OUT ON YOUR LIFE BY YOUR EMPLOYER ,WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE THAT PAYS YOUR EMPLOYER IF YOU DIE WHILE IN THEIR EMPLOYMENT AND EVEN AFTER YOU LEAVE THEIR COMPANY.HOWEVER SINCE THIS HAS COME TO LIGHT MANY STATES HAVE OUTLAWED IT'S PRACTICE.

In America it seems if you want to make some easy money all you have to do is start up an insurance company with some slick advertising and your in the money.

People who can afford to invest in these kind of companies know the more money these companies make,the more their investment pays them.So ,the old saying "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and lose even what they have has never been truer.This has also been the case with the oil investors,and Gold investors. If the investment companies you invest with have the power to raise or lower the stocks share price by simply buying and selling their own shares ,then they can effectively monopolize the market and control the share price at will. Talk about insider trading !




I forgot the question video

telepromter poltergeist


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