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How To Change Your Life In One Shopping Trip!

Updated on April 16, 2015

It's Important to Find Balance

Some mornings, life is great! You wake up for your first alarm, have time to eat a balanced breakfast, and are early to whatever class, shift, or swap meet you have on your plate.

Some mornings, on the other hand, you snooze all of your alarms - even though Alanis Morissette's Ironic is a great song - are ten minutes late, and get a parking ticket.

Those are the days when it is important to find joy in the little things.

I have found that these little things help me the most:

1) Candles

I have lived in apartments for most of my college career and thanks to the student loans I acquired throughout said career, I have many more years of apartments to look forward to.

Though it can be hard to find space for my knitting tools, I have found that the presence of at least one candle (usually three) in each room helps me to feel more relaxed and at ease.

I find that walking into my kitchen and inhaling the scent of Whipped Pumpkin Cream makes me much less likely to grab a bag of Baked Ruffles and retreat to my room, which almost always smells lovely - and more likely to spend some time cooking a healthy meal and eating at a *gasp* table.

As if that was not enough, I find that when I feel comfortable enough to cook and eat in my kitchen/living room, I consume less and feel infinitely better than I do when I eat a microwaved burrito balanced on my lap desk.

2) Carpet & Room Refresher

Carpet & room refresher is the yin to candle's yang. The Salt to candle's Pepa. The... okay, I'm out.

You've seen this stuff. It's the powder that you sprinkle onto the carpet then vacuum up - and it's wonderfully effective.

Right now, I live in a four bedroom apartment with individual leases. This means that I did not get to choose my roommates. While my cohabitants are lovely girls, four people is a lot for one living room to handle and, unfortunately, the floors get a little grimy. Sprinkle in the fact that the carpet has seen many inhabitants, but is a stranger to a carpet cleaner, and you have a recipe for a smelly home.

For years, I was hesitant to use powder refresher because it can be damaging to certain types of carpet. Fortunately, muppet skin is not one of those types so I figured my apartment was a safe location for my experiment.

One Friday night, in the middle of a glorious Miss Congeniality rerun, I decided to put down my Economics textbook (that was the easy part) and clean the whole apartment. First things first - I used the refresher on the carpets in my living room and hallways.

Within ten minutes, the whole apartment smelled like the inside of a Bath & Body Works. Now, that may have been because I had multiple candles burning, but the refresher definitely made a difference. Gone is the smell of burnt pizza and days old Chinese food - for now.

3) Tea

I have always struggled with being healthy. The existence of McDonalds and my wonderful grandfather's propensity for leaving overturned boxes of cookies under his desk for me to find, established my love for food at a very young age.

Once I got my drivers license and was able to drive myself to Taco Bell, it was over.

Luckily for me, even when I am not healthy, my weight is usually manageable - my relatively slim build and height of 5 feet, 9 inches (thanks Mom and Dad!) help with that. Even still, I rarely feel well. For years, I have struggled with lethargy and overall achiness - symptoms that I know are directly related to my lack of physical activity.

My position as a college student does not help as I am often stressed and have a hard time convincing myself that the gym is a good use of my time when I have twenty chapters to read.

Though I still struggle with making time to work out, I find that, even on lazy days, I feel so much better than I used to - because I finally listened to my dad and started drinking tea.

It took me a while to acquire the taste for it, but now - tea is my chocolate. Chocolate is also my chocolate...

The point is - I can't get enough tea!

Green, oolong, black, or white; they are precious in my sight. I love the little tea types of the world.

Drinking tea makes me feel so much better than consuming high sugar juices or chemical filled diet soda (though I still love Diet Pepsi and always will). I drink flavored green tea throughout the day, along with the occasional coffee or soda when I am feeling particularly sluggish, before switching to a decaf tea at night.

Hot tea has it's place and it's own set of health benefits, but I drink 90% of my tea iced. It's delicious! And unlike some types of coffee and soda, which can be harsh and made for sipping, iced tea is similar to water in texture and, therefore, is very easy to drink.

The health benefits of tea are also a perk.

Green tea is packed with antioxidants and has been proven to boost metabolism. It also contains a decent amount of caffeine - it's the perfect beverage for your early morning or mid afternoon pick-me-up.

Are You Still Here?

Come on now, go shopping!

Head to your favorite grocery store, Super Walmart, or garage sale and pick up some candles! Get some carpet & room refresher and some tea while you're at it.

I promise, you'll feel more relaxed in no time.

The Facts

Use Your Resources

The Internet is a wondrous place - full of fanfiction, cat videos, and naked pictures of Kim Kardashian.

It's also full of blogs and articles detailing the health and mood benefits of candles, tea, and anything else you could think of.

I have provided a few websites below that will hopefully help you get a start on your healthy living journey (googling health benefits of tea/candles/etc helps too).

Happy healthing!


Benefits of Green Tea

Benefits of Black Tea

Benefits of Oolong Tea

Very Important Questions

So tell me!

Are you more of a food scent person? Or do err on the side of flower and nature aromas?

Maybe you're in an entirely different camp - one along the lines of fruity or tropical scents.

I am firmly in this camp. I live in this camp. I'm like the recently retired couple who sold their house, bought an RV, and lives half of the year in Florida and half in Iowa because summer's in the south get too hot and it's nice to be close to the family... I really like tropical scents.

Tell me what scents you like in the comments!

Battle of ThermopyTEA

What is Your Favorite Kind of Tea?

See results

One Tea, Two Tea; Me Tea, You Tea!

Tea Type
Health Benefits
When To Drink
Green tea is said to improve metabolism as well as providing a lovely caffeine boost. It does not have the teeth staining potential of coffee or the bloating potential of soda. Green tea also comes in a lot of truly delicious flavors (the Acai Dragonfruit Melon from Lipton is my current favorite)
In the morning and all throughout the day! Drink green tea as an extra boost after you've had your two (or six) cups of coffee each day
Black tea is said to aid digestion and to relieve stress. It also brings the caffeine and is said to boost your immune system and lower the risk of diabetes
In the morning and all day! You can drink black tea instead of green tea or in addition too or at the same time! If you're into that sort of thing (I don't know what sort of thing that is, but I'm sure there's someone out there who's into it)
Like the others, oolong tea is said to boost metabolism, increase mental alertness, lower cholesterol, and more
I'm running out of ways to say "you do you!" Tea is delicious and makes me feel light and hydrated. It is a really great addition to my healthy body journey


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