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Updated on May 1, 2012

You can live a life where you long for the past, or you can choose a life where you believe the "best is yet to come" is up to you. Moreover, while you are doing that, remember, everything is possible if you believe. - Prayer changes things!

Most often, the difference between success and failure lies in making minor adjustments. Success is attainable.

Earl Nightingale defines success as an “individual’s progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” This means, that every step you take in the right direction is success. Remember, greatness begins with a single spark of inspiration. You may have heard this before, but I will say it again. You were born to be great. To live an awesome life. Never settle for mediocrity. You are a champion in the inside. Let it show.

I know you are tired of living an unfulfilled life, failing to meet your daily needs and barely making it. You are tired of your family wishing they lived next door. You are tired of a relationship where you seem to be the only one putting in everything to make it work. You are tired of struggling in ministry and questioning whether God really called you. You are tired of being stuck on a lousy job, under a supervisor you hate, getting a mocking salary. Even if you know you deserve better, you cannot quit because you are afraid of how you will make it. The truth is you cannot afford to live this way. You deserve better.

There are many people facing these similar circumstances daily. You might be a parent, a student or a preacher. You might be a lawyer or an entrepreneur. There are many real people out there, facing real problems. This hub is for People who genuinely want a better life for themselves and their families, and are willing to stake their very existence to bring their dreams into reality. This hub is the first of many in a series of many nuggets I will be sharing with you.

To start, I will ask you to make a commitment to yourself.

· My life belongs to me, therefore, I will not allow anyone or anything to dictate or prescribe its direction.

· I will do whatever it takes to make my life a joyous living memory and an inspiration to others.

· I will value all my relationships

· I will never hold any grudge against anyone, for it is only poison to my spirit.

· I will seek a fuller and richer understanding of myself and purpose

· I promise to share my blessings with others especially those who are less fortunate then me.

1. Transformation begins with your Thoughts.

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” You are what you think. The life you now live is a direct result of the thoughts you continue to hold. Thoughts determine perception. Perception is more than just having an idea. It is an inner belief based on your previous experiences or encounters in your life, people, events and circumstances. It is YOUR sense of reality. Whether this turns out to be true or not, does not matter.

If you think you are inferior, you are. If you think, you don’t deserve a certain position, you don’t. Our thoughts determine our actions. Our continued actions form our character. Even what we sometimes refer to as instincts, are but reactions to previously stored information in our minds. Thoughts are what gives us our posture in life.

Nothing happens outside the realm of our thinking. Your reality is what is in your head. Your thought processes. In a way, we determine the kind of life we live by the thoughts we dearly hold in our minds. What we believe about ourselves and surrounding circumstances, the actions we take or choose to ignore, the people we befriend or associates we choose, the salary we get and the house we live in, are all things we have accepted to be true about ourselves.

If you really wanted to change the way you live, you can change it in an instant. The manifestation may take longer, but the change will certainly come. There are certain adjustments that can be implemented immediately. For instance, if you don’t like the house or apartment you are living in, change it. Don't say it's not possible. You are not a tree. Only trees need to be uprooted. People simply move.

The only way you can change your life is to change your beliefs.

2. Avoid the blame game.

Here is one truth that has held people in bondage to poverty. People subconsciously blame others and various things for their poverty. They blame the government for their failed career. They blame their pastors or parents for their pregnancy or failed relationships. They blame their race or environment for their immoral behavior.

Maybe you had a rich relative who seemed greedy, and never really made any meaningful connections for you. Maybe your wealthy parents never left a will. Maybe you did not go to a first class school. Whatever it is you think is the cause of your current circumstance is what is keeping you bound and holding you back from living a life you desire. You can’t make a strong building while nursing the foundation. The foundation must be solid. You mental foundation must be free from junk thoughts.

You can never move forward looking backwards. Many people want to build life using their past glory, past strength, past relationships and so forth. New challenges call for new solutions and ideas. Could it be that maybe you have had the answer all this time, but just didn't know it?

As you begin to relearn you habits of the mind, you will be tempted, repeatedly, to shift the blame to others, but you have to fight it. You have to subconsciously take responsibility of running your life to some. Listen and listen carefully, until you take responsibility, you are going nowhere.

3. Cherish what you desire.

It is amazing how many people talk themselves out of their own blessing. More often than not, we cancel the stream of God's blessing by refusing to accept that we deserve to be blessed. Until you see yourself blessed, you will never experience God's full blessings.

You cannot become wealthy if you despise wealthy people, and blame them for your own condition. Until you own your destiny, you are bound to fail. You cannot become what you despise. You become what you admire. Taking personal responsibility shifts your thought patterns and changes the questions you ask yourself. Instead of focusing on “why am I here?” You start asking yourself how you can get out of this mess.

Those who succeed in life act upon their dreams. They take full belief in their dreams and work on them. They face difficult huddles, but stay focused, until they pull through. As long as you are alive, you will encounter challenging situations, but you must learn never to give up too soon. You must try. And not just try, but try your best. The difference between success and failure may lie in a single attempt. As John Maxwell rightly puts it, “it is inevitable to encounter life’s challenges, but it is optional to live a defeated life.”

You must reshape your mind from one of defeat to one of positive curiosity. Get rid of the junk thinking that impairs your creativity. Get up and let us do this together.

The Best life is lived on the edge. A faith without risk is no faith at all. Do not be too careful with your dream. Go for it and treasure the walk. Life is too short, no matter how many years you live.


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