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How to Manage Alcohol Addiction?

Updated on February 17, 2016

What is alcohol addiction?

Too much and unhealthy intake of alcohol is abusive to the human body. When you continue to abuse yourself by drinking alcohol daily, this may lead to alcohol dependence. When you are too dependent to alcohol, your body will get thirst of alcohol always until you can drink again. This is alcohol addiction. Alcoholism is a chronic disease. Like some other diseases, it has known symptoms.

The manifestations of alcohol addiction are;

1.) You cannot quit drinking or you cannot control how much you drink.

2.) You continue to drink even if it has negative effects to your health and to your relationship.

3.) You have given up many things just to continue drinking.

4.) You feel withdraw syndrome when you stop drinking alcohol. This feelings includes, sweating, body ache, shakiness and anxiety.

5.) You feel guilty after drinking alcohol.

6.) Not remembering what you did when you were drunk.

Overcoming alcohol addiction is a long and gradual process. You should expect barriers along the way. The road to change is never easy to travel; it may be bumpy or dusty that sometimes the road will be vague. Some reasons why people quit alcohol drinking are health problems, religion, and lifestyle change.

Drink moderately to avoid health problems.
Drink moderately to avoid health problems.

How to treat alcohol addiction?

Alcohol addiction may be treated when you consult your doctor. Treatment depends on how alcoholic you are. Some people may be cured by talking with their counselor. Some may provide medication to prevent anxiety and shakiness while quitting alcohol.

People who are addicted to alcohol may consider medical treatment and may need to stay in a rehabilitation center or hospital for medication. Some may also talk to psychologist. Alcohol addiction sometimes goes with emotional problems.

Treatment does not focus on the usage of alcohol alone. It also helps some other part of your life that may trigger you to drink alcohol. This could be your problems in the family or work, the cause of you depression and stress and some other possible reason. Treatment for alcohol addiction is a long and gradual process.

Most people drink hard to avoid stress.
Most people drink hard to avoid stress.

The advantages and disadvantages of drinking alcohol

Good for the health

Alcohol intake is good for the health, too much is abuse of health. Moderately drinking alcohol is good for your health. It reduce the risk of developing hear diseases, stroke and diabetes. Consumption of alcohol also depends on the age and gender.

Stress reliever

Drinking alcohol helps relieve stress and provide better sleep. Alcohol has sedative effect that promotes sleepiness. Alcohols also helps increase in appetite, keeps body warm and help forget severe body pain. Alcohol is a good disinfectant and preservative.

Damage organs

Too much intake of alcohol is harmful to health. Heavy consumption of alcohol damages the liver, pancreas, breast, and brain. It may also cause hypertension and may lead to death. If you are drunk you are prone to accidents, violation and abuse because of the malfunctioning on the brain.

How to Give up Alcohol

Firstly, if you think you have serious drinking problem and experiencing the symptoms, you should admit to yourself that you need to quit alcohol. Now the question is “how”? There are treatments available in the hospitals or rehabilitation center. But these may be costly.

However there are ways to quit alcohol by your own. Cut down the consumption of alcohol. If you used to drinking 1 liter of beer a day, make it half. Drink slowly.

  • Stay away from temptation
  • Commit to stop drinking
  • Keep your body healthy
  • Remember bad experiences with alcohol
  • Be thankful of the blessings
  • Change your attitude
  • Set goals.
  • Reward yourself
  • Don’t give up


Alcoholism is a very serious problem. Alcohol addiction causes family to break. It does not only affect one person. It also affects the family, working environment and the society.

When you feel like having problem in drinking alcohol, always remind yourself that you may ruin not only your life but also your family, marriage and work. In order to make a change, start it with yourself.

Start alone if you can. Achieving something by doing alone is very satisfying. It feels like you are powerful. Helping yourself in recovering from alcohol addiction is the very first thing toward achieving an alcohol free life. Find a meaningful life that can develop yourself to a new you.

Drinking speeds up aging.
Drinking speeds up aging.

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    • kbdressman profile image

      kbdressman 2 years ago from Harlem, New York

      Alcoholism sure is a vicious disease! Hopefully those who are struggling with it will seek the help they need to overcome it and fight it!