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Updated on June 22, 2016


Pregnancy is the most celebrated part of a woman’s life.Uneasiness, stress, and tensions under such situation tend to be implicit, that wait of nine months seems to exert you, and those constant thoughts about the baby being healthy and then definitely there is an obnoxious fear of going through labour pain.Nobody can get away with these apprehensions, but relieving from them is important for baby’s as well as mother’s health. As a result of many types of research, this has been proven that stress reduction minimises the risk of premature births and low weight births. So here are some stress reduction techniques:

1)SUFFICIENT REST-While you have till date taken up all your responsibilities and fulfilled them with utmost enthusiasm its time to give up some of them, shed them, share them and relax, get yourself those adequate eight hours of sleep plus take those pretty naps at intervals to keep yourself relaxed.

2)SOAK IN- Baths/showers can be the ultimate soothe at times.While bathing ensure that the water is not too hot, keep it warm, get into the tub and inscribe some quality time to yourself and your baby. Baths help in calming your muscle aches, as they have been proven to reduce pain, that is why delivery in water (water birth) are the upcoming relief from labour pain.

3)EXERCISE/MEDITATE- It is the mind which wanders around worrying about the baby and lead up to a development of new fears, so do something to distract your mind, meditations have turned out to empower you in such a way that you get control over your thoughts and you are better able to manage them.While exercising helps to distract your mind, you could swim, walk around, stretch a bit, do yoga but make sure whatever you do does not complicate your body in any manner.

4)GET ACUPUNCTURE/MASSAGE- Acupuncture works by applying pressure on such points which can help relieve stress, it turns out to be absolutely relaxing and a plus point is that there are no effects of acupuncture on the baby. Massages can be reclining, while some adjustment for getting a quality massage would be required, because you can not lay flat on your stomach and neither w laying on your back would give best results, so ask your masseuse to work it out for you, there are such masseuse’s who specially dedicate their services for pregnant clients.While a little shoulder rub down from your partner can be cherished too.


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