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Habits to Stay Young and Healthy

Updated on June 12, 2016

I am 44 years old and just do not feel forty-four from my heart. even today, I feel like a teenager. I still want to run like a girl of a sixteen, but somehow the effects of aging are overpowering my wish and restricting my activities. Believe me; life was never so depressing as it is for me at this age. I find it difficult to accept that things are changing, and I have started looking older with the onset of several fine lines around my eyes and sagging skin around my chin area. also, my body don't feel young anymore.

We all are growing older every day, but the process of aging offers pleasure only till the time when a person is young and have flawless skin. Once a person starts noticing the initial signs of aging on skin, it starts getting difficult to accept that he/she does not look as young and beautiful like in the past.

Aging has a lot to do with one’s s lifestyle. Not everyone knows that a few positive habits can make a person feel younger and healthy. If you can cut down on some bad habits, it actually is beneficial for you in a long run. Sometimes when a person is approaching middle age, the stress of aging makes them depressed. It is precisely the time when one needs to cultivate a few habits which will decrease the rate of aging in a person. Believe me, it works and offers a room to live a better life filled with youth and vitality.

Is it true that our habits determines the life of our youth?

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5 Habits to Stay Young And Healthy

Some habits will help you retain good health and youth. Here are some such habits, you should follow.

Exercise- This is the first and foremost healthy habit you should grow. Most experts will advise you to take up daily exercises, six days a week. The time span of the activity can vary, but one should never live an entirely sedentary life devoid of any physical exercise. Do some muscles exercises too, along with the regular ones. Make sure you do vigorous exercise for at least 5 minutes, regularly. It helps you disregard the cognitive decline that has started.

Quit smoking- Another bad reason that you should give up on smoking cigarettes altogether if you are a smoker. The body according to many types of research can actually rebuild itself from the harms of the smoke. If you are less than 40 years old and have already given up smoking, the good news for you as that your body will recuperate almost by 90%.

Meditation- One of the best habits that one can cultivate is that of meditation. There are a number of reasons that meditation is so important. At one end it helps you to concentrate, or release the stress which you are dealing with. At the same time, meditation also helps one retain their youth. You do not need to sit for hours and meditate, just a few minutes of this can help you immensely.

Food and Nutrition- It is imperative for a healthy and young body to have proper food and nutrition. Therefore, you need to eat healthy too. You can begin your day with a green smoothie. It is argued by many people that a diet which has more plant products is good for your health. Thus, when you take a green smoothie made of green vegetables and fruits, your quota of green vegetable is complete.

Be social- It might not be very surprising for many people to know that, a lonely and isolated life is not a good idea to retain youthfulness or good health. Thus, you should contact friends and in general have a good time.

Apart from maintaining these healthy habits, you can also have a youthful look by using anti-aging products that are regularly available in the market. There are several anti wrinkle creams or Vitamin C serum for face available on the market these days that can be applied on the skin for maintaining the youthful texture of the skin for a longer stretch in life.

So why not incorporate the mix of these serums and a few good habits in your life and balance health and youth.


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