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Haemorrhoids (Piles) - Relieve and reduce the pain and irritation of this embarrassing condition.

Updated on September 3, 2016

This very common problem is one that should only be diagnosed by a medical practitioner in the event of significant bleeding or irritation. Although in the majority of cases it has a simple cause brought about by weakness in the rich blood vessels that surround the anus, it can indicate a far more serious problem. Conventional or over the counter treatment can vary in its effectiveness and essential oil blends have helped in many instances.

In the first instance you must seek medical advice. If it is a simple case of piles they can easily dealt with using an injection into the haemorrhoids which will shrink them or the use of a tiny elastic band which cuts off the blood supply causing them to drop off. Although effective neither method will help with the acute itching and essential oil blends help here also. Apart from the comfort aspect it is vital to stop the itching as with the best will in the world it is almost impossible not to scratch which will cause them to bleed even more.

There is no need to suffer due to embarrassment.

Blend 10 drops each of the following oils. You don't have to use all of these, I would suggest starting with the first three. Depending on the results you can substitute or add any of the others. If itching is a problem then add Roman Camomile or Lavender.










Into a bottle containing roughly one third each of the following carrier oils (these oils also have a function in the final blend) If you only want to use one, the oil of choice is St John's Wort.

Walnut Oil

Olive Oil

Rose Hip

Clean the affected area with warm water and soap and pat dry with a paper tissue. Apply liberally rubbing gently into the skin.

There are some herbal and vitamin remedies which have had excellent results. Ginkgo biloba will promote good circulation in the veins and will prevent variscosity. Vitamin E will improve circulation to the bodies extremities and Rutin will improve the strength of the small blood vessels and capillaries feeding the veins. Instead of rutin you should perhaps use Bilberry which has a much stronger and long lasting effect.

Horse chestnut herb will certainly help and the dosage is 300mg three times per day.

There is a salve made from white oak bark which will help sooth the pain when applied externally.

Some people are tempted to use colonic irrigation - do not use if you have or suspect you have severe haemorrhoids, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis and colorectal cancer.

If the blood on the paper or in the pan is bright red it is almost certainly piles, if dark red or black/tarry then seek immediate medical attention. Don't be casual, blood whether bright or dark requires proper diagnosis and attention - do not delay. Too many people have died unnecessarily because of a little possible embarrassment, in most cases it is easily treated.

Due to the extreme sensitivity of the area if any irritation or reaction occurs immediately discontinue the treatment.

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    • Peter Geekie profile image

      Peter Geekie 16 months ago from Sittingbourne

      As I understand it haemorrhoids are very common after childbirth but you must seek a medical examination and advice. It sounds as though you need a new doctor, this type of individual is no use to man nor beast. Remember you have a right to the best medical treatment.

      I'm pretty sure you have nothing to worry about but you must be sure both for your sake and that of your little one.

      Don't be embarrassed, a good doctor will put you at your ease and a cure is quite simple.

      Best wishes and kind regards Peter

    • profile image

      Brenda 16 months ago

      Like Tracy I am also suffering with a lot of bleeding and am very worried. Can you help, I should say I have recently had a baby with a rather difficult birth but I can't discuss this with the doctor who is very ubrupt.

    • Peter Geekie profile image

      Peter Geekie 3 years ago from Sittingbourne

      Dear Tracy

      There is no time to lose you must get this medically checked. If you are uncomfortable with a male doctor, ask to be referred to a female doctor, this is not unusual for a variety of reasons. On the face of what you have described the chances are you are suffering from a combination of haemorrhoids and perhaps IBS. You have absolutely no reason to feel guilt or embarrassment as this is very common and doctors have seen it hundreds of times before. I wish you well.

      kind regards Peter

    • profile image

      Tracy 3 years ago

      i am very worried as there is quite a lot of bright red blood and slime when I go to the toilet. The area hurts and is very itchy but I can't bring myself to go to the doctor who is a man.

      Do you think I have cancer.