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Hair Dryness: Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Updated on December 3, 2009


Hair dryness is a very common problem among many people these days. Although both men and women can have dry hair, women are more likely to find this condition a cause for greater concern.


But how can you tell whether your hair is dry or not? It is basically simple. You can self-diagnose hair dryness if your hair manifests the following:


·        lacking in luster and softness

·        brittle and easily broken

·        having split-ends

·        rough to touch

·        frizzier than ever (for frizzy hair)

·        appears dull and lifeless


What causes hair dryness?


Do you know the causes of hair dryness? According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, your hair can become dry as a result of several factors, such as:


  • Having anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder
  • Too frequent washing of hair
  • Use of harsh or alcohol-containing hair products that strip hair of its natural moisture
  • Too frequent blow-drying of hair
  • Living in a place where the air is dry
  • Suffering from a condition known as Menkes disease or Menkes kinky hair syndrome
  • Malnutrition
  • Having hypoactive parathyroid or thyroid glands


Excessive exposure to sunlight, smoke and environmental pollution have been widely considered to cause hair dryness too.

Ways to prevent hair dryness

While it is true that some hair types are more prone to dryness, such as the frizzy and the kinky types, all types of hair basically turn dry under certain circumstances and given the outlined causes above. To prevent your hair from becoming dry, you need to adhere to follow some measures, such as:

  • Avoid washing your hair frequently.
  • Do not blow-dry your hair too often.
  • Do not choose alcohol-based hair products.
  • Avoid subjecting your hair to excessive perming, ironing, or coloring.
  • Have a regular hot oil treatment and apply hair conditioner every after shampoo.
  • Stay away from the sun as much as possible.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet and drink adequate amounts of water.
  • Have yourself evaluated for hypothyroidism and hypoparathyroidism.

How to treat your dry hair?

If your hair manifests the symptoms above, then you definitely have dry hair. In order to reverse that condition, there are a few essential steps that you can do, such as:

· Go for a hot oil treatment. While you can do this treatment at home, having a professional do the treatment at a saloon can yield better results. In order to achieve complete recovery of your hair’s moisture, you may need to have a series of hot oil treatment depending on the degree of dryness your hair is in.

· Always use non-drying hair conditioner every time you shampoo your hair.

· Apply hair coat to protect your hair from the harsh environmental elements, such as sunlight, wind and smoke.

· Have your hair trimmed to remove split-ends which are quite an eyesore. Split-ends make your hair dull, lack-luster, and rough to touch. They also inhibit fast and healthy hair growth.

Your hair is your crowning glory. It plays a vital role in enhancing or damaging your overall appearance. So never take the condition of your hair for granted and do not attempt to downplay its influence on your looks.

Now that you know the causes and signs of hair dryness, you are more empowered to apply the preventive measures mentioned above. And even if your hair is already dry, there’s no need to fret, as you can simply have it treated properly. For best results, always seek the advice of hair care specialists and have your hair treated by one, especially if you’re not sure how to do a certain treatment properly.

How do you keep your hair healthy?

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    • profile image

      Jennis 3 years ago

      This is what we need - an insight to make evenyore think

    • profile image

      Chasmine 3 years ago

      Real brain power on diyalps. Thanks for that answer!

    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 7 years ago

      My hair are often dryness and I make wraps with olive oil: it works! I will try your advice too!

    • Melody Lagrimas profile image

      Melody Lagrimas 8 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks a lot for your comment, yangtze.

    • Yangtze profile image

      Yangtze 8 years ago

      Thanks for your information. My hair tends to be dry.I suppose it is because of the weather. I will try your advice. Sooooo Good hubs!

    • Melody Lagrimas profile image

      Melody Lagrimas 8 years ago from Philippines

      I sincerely appreciate your reading and leaving comments, guys, thank you very much.

    • anglnwu profile image

      anglnwu 8 years ago

      A useful tip from a friend whose hair is the envy of any crowd she's in--lather castor oil on hair, leave it in for 30 minutes and then shampoo off. My own trick?--I don't ever blow dry my hair, I allow the natural air to dry it--God's hair-dryer.

      Thanks for the informative hub--I'm sure it's very useful for those looking for tips to control dry hair.

    • R Burow profile image

      R Burow 8 years ago from Florida, United States

      I kind of forgot about hot oil treatments. Thanks for the reminder. I know it works to keep hair manageable etc.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      I also think that age can be a least from personal experience. Good article! Thanks!

    • kiran8 profile image

      kiran8 8 years ago from Mangalore, India

      My hair tends to become dry during winter and I feel that hot oil treatment is really good for the hair -thanks a lot for an excellent article :)

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      I am finding with age that my hair is much drier. Of course I do have it coloured at the hairdressers these days which does not help.