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Hair Growth Tips To Combat Baldness

Updated on July 25, 2011

Many people struggle with hair loss. In fact, as humans grow older, all lose some hair. In male pattern baldness, the hair loss is so significant that the entire top of the head may become bald, leaving just a rim of hair around the edges. The following hair growth tips can help individuals to have a healthier scalp and healthier hair.

Shampoo with caution

Many Americans shower every morning. As a part of the process, they also shampoo the hair daily. Consider shampooing less often for healthier hair. Next time you have your haircut, ask your barber or stylist how often to shampoo your hair. The professional can take into account texture and body as well as thickness in making his or her recommendation.
In addition, the following tips about shampooing can help.
• Select a shampoo that is based on protein.
• To restore shine and smooth cuticle, use an acid rinse, such as lemon juice and water or vinegar mixed with water.
• Alternate the shampoos used regularly. Every few months, change types to prevent shampoo buildup.

Choose a healthy diet

One of the greatest factors on hair growth is the everyday diet. Persons that choose a healthy diet, filled with a variety of foods, will have healthier hair.
Vitamins are compounds that perform many different biochemical functions. Some vitamins help to maintain healthy hair growth. Dietary supplements and hair growth vitamins can also help if the diet is lacking in some foods. If the hair is thinning or grows slowly, adding the right vitamins can help.
The following vitamins are known to promote hair growth:
• Biotin is a vitamin that promotes development of cells in the body that help to slow hair loss. In addition, biotin slows the changing of the hair color to gray.
• Folic Acid is necessary to keep the blood circulating in the scalp and allows new cells to develop.
• Inositol is a vitamin necessary for healthy cell membranes.
• Pantothenic acid stimulates the scalp in order to reduce hair loss and to encourage regrowth of hair.

Hair Growth Products Make The Pills Easier To Swallow

Many hair growth products combine the above mentioned vitamins with minerals herbal supplements and other dietary supplements that help to make it easier for the person trying to re-grow hair to get the needed nutrients. Instead of taking a hodgepodge of nutritional supplements, the individual can select only one supplement that contains everything that is needed. For example, gelatin can cause the hair to grow thichker.
The following Herbal supplements can assist in hair growth:
• Astragalus-is an immune system builder that helps people to lower their stress level. A leading hair loss cause is stress.
• Rehmania-helps increase adrenal cortical hormone production. This herb is recognized as a hair loss treatment.
• Poria-Helps the body absorb other elements so that they give the best results.
• HorseTail silica- this very fine silica helps to strengthen the teeth, nails and hair.
• Saw Palmetto-extracts of this plant are closely related to the hair loss drug finasteride.

Following these hair growth tips can help you to have the needed hair to improve self confidence.


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