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Hair Loss Shampoo: Illusion Or Reality?

Updated on March 20, 2011

Hair Loss Shampoo Is A Leading Panacea For Hair Loss... Or Is It?

Many men and women suffering from alopecia (hair loss) will turn to a hair loss shampoo to alleviate their advancing baldness. The basic problem with this approach is that the vast majority of hair loss shampoo products being widely hawked online and through other forms of advertising are not only completely useless, but there have been reports of some of these products actually accelerating hair loss!

Hair Loss Shampoo Is Simply Not Proven As Effective As Rogaine

The most popular current substance to fight male and female alopecia is Minoxidil, generally known as Rogaine. The origins of Minoxidil are as an oral drug called Loniten which was developed to treat high blood pressure. 

Polaris Labs NR-07 Hair Growth Treatment
Polaris Labs NR-07 Hair Growth Treatment

After years of prescribing the drug for cardiac purposes it was discovered that it could be useful in a topical application to regrow hair and reverse the effects of alopecia.

Rogaine is conventionally at a 2% Minoxidil strength, but tests comparing it to a formulation containing a 5% concentration of Minoxidil shows that the result of the greater concentration can outperform the 2% solution by 90%, especially in promoting hair growth in the frontal scalp area. Therefore the solution marketed as Rogaine Extra Strength Topical Solution does have its advantages.

However, Rogaine is not technically a shampoo. To critically examine the clinical efficacy of the various hair loss shampoo products on the market is a more difficult task. Nizoral shampoo has a modicum of proven efficacy, but most of the products on the market are frankly a complete waste of money.

Dermenodex Thinning Hair Scalp Treatment
Dermenodex Thinning Hair Scalp Treatment

Most Hair Loss Shampoo Is A Waste Of Money

There are endless hair loss treatments and hair growth products being advertised nearly everywhere you look. The problem with much of this hair growth product is that the often extravagant claims can rarely be supported by clinical evidence. There are many reasons why millions of people opt for famous name brands such as Paul Mitchell shampoo or Nizoral shampoo, but there are others who prefer natural products thus shop for organic shampoo, as the relatively unknown brands of hair loss shampoo often offer negligible if any solid benefits or results.

Nizoral hair loss shampoo is a very well known hair loss treatment shampoo brand (it could be said it's the best hair loss shampoo) and it has set the bar for the plethora of hair loss shampoo products on the market. Anti-hair loss shampoo brands vary widely as to reputation and clinical efficacy thus it is recommended that you study some of the hair loss shampoo reviews to discover which ones work best. It is important to only consider the hair loss shampoo review studies which appear in major clinical medical peer reviewed journals, as any other form of publication has no scientific value whatsoever.

There are millions of people who seek a shampoo for hair loss as they believe that an effective hair loss prevention shampoo can help their male hair loss. Shampoo forms of hair loss product can come as an organic shampoo and hair loss natural forms of topical applications to the scalp, thus they are not only limited to men hair loss shampoo.

therapy-g Antioxidant Shampoo for Thinning or Fine Hair
therapy-g Antioxidant Shampoo for Thinning or Fine Hair

Hair Loss Shampoo Can Cost $100 & Do Nothing!

 You can get ripped off for almost a hundred dollars for an order of Nisim DHT blocker hair loss shampoo and find that you might as well have poured the money directly on your scalp. DHT blockers are often ineffective in considerably slowing hair loss. However, Nisim is not the only useless hair loss shampoo out there. You can waste your money on other brands such as Phytocyane hair loss shampoo, Cre C hair loss shampoo, Dead Sea hair loss shampoo, and Nioxin hair loss shampoo.  The list goes on and on.

Losing hair? Stick to Rogaine.

Provillus Claims Of Hair Loss Treatment

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